Obama's Approval Rating Hits Record Low

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Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Julianna Goldman updates the latest news on the rollout of the troubled Healthcare.gov and President Obama's declining approval ratings. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Record high, and people on both sides of the aisle are questioning his management.

Julianna goldman is here in new york city.

I, too, am questioning his management.

We have not heard from him directly on obamacare in a few days, yet the news continues to get worse, certainly not any better.

What can we say about his managerial approach to this problem?

One phase is everything leading up to october 1, and two is everything after october 1 when it became clear that the website was really jeopardizing success of health care.

Based on people i talked to -- lawmakers, management experts, even democrats close to this white house -- say it is a technical problem, -- not just a technical problem but a management problem.

The website has been overrun with volume, and he says clearly this is not a volume but a volume problem.

He is doing his reading, pushing his staff, what he wants to focus on solving this, fixing it.

They are in triage mode right now.

When the website is fixed, take a holistic, forensic review and make the necessary changes.

One of the questions was, he is engaged.

Engaged with who?

I sat down with tom davis who said this administration is too insular.

I sat down with the true washington insider, leon panetta, and he said this administration is not reaching out.

I don't think there is any question that there should be more outreach to the business community and to others -- to governors, two people at the local level.

There needs to be more outraged because, frankly, most people outside washington think what has happened in washington is totally nuts.

They don't get it.

When you hear from guys like leon panetta saying the white house is not calling me, shouldn't they be?

Looking to the pre-october phase of the health-care rollout -- this is a president who likes to delegate.

He is not a micromanager, so you could make the argument that he is delegating but to a very insular, small, shrinking group of people who do not necessarily delegate to others, and they do not have the bandwidth to juggle everything coming at the white house.

For a ceo, it is not just about being responsible but about sending clear lines of accountability.

But president obama has been calling out ceo's, saying get your house in order.

Can't leaders turned the finger at him and say the same thing?

That is a valid criticism.

If the white house is willing to take that criticism as it pertains to healthcare.gov -- but even when they get it up and running, the management issues -- insularity, not reaching out -- it is not going away.

Let's remind everybody at these are real questions not just for people like us who are trying to figure out how to cover it -- as journalists, we are channeling public questions here.

The cover of "is this week" raises -- the cover of "business week" raises the question here.

Giuliana -- julianna, have we not learned something over the course of the health care debacle, and the questions the white house is not answering or is answering in ways that are perhaps incredulous about the edward snowden scandal and the nsa revelations?

The president either has an ability problem or a credibility problem, and neither of them is good.

That is one of the challenges -- that is one of the challenges when you talk about edward snowden, the nsa, the irs, and not just the website but questions about the president promising that all along if you like your health insurance you will be able to keep it.

Kathleen sebelius testifying in front of congress and the website breaking down at that very moment -- it does raise credibility issues, and it raises the questions of people's trust in government.

The president, his philosophical drive is essentially this government can be a force of good in people's lives.

We know the president's and has been tagged that has been damaged in the last few weeks.

But if obamacare really does not work, does that mean that president obama is a failed president?

This is a make-or-break moment.

The white house has been through enough of these crises where it seems like it is political doom, like his presidency is on the line, and six weeks later it evens out and we are on to another crisis of the moment.

They say they feel like this will be -- that the website will get fixed.

November 30, everyone will be sitting around the thanksgiving table talking about the successes of and rolling in obamacare.

But they do realize this is important.

This is a situation that has to get fixed.

Sounds like a bigger chance they will be talking about

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