Obama's $3K Health-Law Premiums Test Affordability

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Health insurance under Obamacare will cost individuals at least $2,988 a year on average, a price that Republican opponents may target as out-of-reach for many Americans who don’t qualify for U.S. subsidies. Megan Hughes reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Younger people will be charged and older people?

Let's start with the averages.

These are numbers we have been waiting on.

The white house is estimating that health insurance on these exchanges will cost on average just under $3000 per year.

Republicans might say that rises out of reach reach and the white house points out it is 16% less than earlier estimates from the cbo.

The resident last night pointed out that tax credits are going to help bring that number down.

We are saying that if the better deal you get, if you cannot afford it, we will give you tax credits and subsidize your purchase of health insurance.

Less than half the people buying insurance on their own may actually get that help.

The prices we are talking about vary wildly by states.

Some states like wyoming have the lowest plan but will top $400. there is also a competition in some areas.

Consumers in some market may have one is sure to choose from and others may have as many as third teen with eight being the average.

That means people have a range and the number of plans they can pick.

The reports as averages 53 health plans in the 36 states.

That ranges anywhere from six- 169 depending where you live.

If you live in florida, you have a lot of choices.

Alabama, not so much.

What is the white house saying about the rollout?

Next week, senior administration officials say do not expect a broad education campaign.

They will target the uninsured and independently uninsured, largely young people.

In areas where there is a lot of uninsured, california, texas, that's were they will focus.

They will be relying on social media celebrities so don't expect a big ad rollout.

Thank you very much.

The economic numbers are mentioned on they are out.

Durable goods orders are up 1/10 of one percent.

That is a little better than economists anticipated.

They expected durable goods to fall.

When you exclude transportation which makes up a big part of these orders, they were down about 0.1%. julie hyman has been going

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