Obama Seen Resisting Airstrikes as Solution in Iraq

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “Global Outlook,” Bloomberg’s Margaret Talev reports on the United States’ position on involvement in Iraq as the Obama administration weighs the option of airstrikes while insurgents move closer to Baghdad and oil fields in southern Iraq. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Time now for the global outlook.

A crisis in iraq this afternoon.

President obama will meet with congressional leaders at the white house to discuss the region.

Options for american action.

Headlines just across, the u.s. will meet the iraqi that without troops on the ground.

The airstrike the white house has been considering has been put on hold for the moment as well.

Margaret joins us now.

How significant our harry reid's comments?

? . harry reid is then chile under wearing what president obama has already made their he there.

He does not want to get back into a u.s. combat -- ground combat situation.

Senate democrats are very much on board with his thinking very back his king outlined that -- outline that for us?

Class you cannot undoclass you cannot undo once you have called in.

The administration is not either satisfy they can get the target there tried to get, or if they do come it will lead to political stability in the endgame.

The white house is not ruling out him sort of airstrike nontargeted him about a are emphasizing the president has not made that decision yet.

Jay carney yesterday telling reporters that the president and this solution is not primarily a military one request for in context.

The if they do come it will militants at an iraqi oil refinery.

How much of a actor is his?

Lets it is something to watch those league.

The white house is watching it loosely.

It is a major test of the strength of the iraqi government . they have a leg up.

It is being closely watched by the white house.

What will the president tell congressional leaders today?

The president has called harry reid and mitch mcconnell as well as john boehner to the white house.

They will meet in the oval office at 3:00. hard of this is the president trying to put on a show that he really wants u.s. action to be bipartisan.

Art of it is also to buy time.

Besides which options are sue here talking on the right to the iranian government and some of these other regional layers.

Republicans have been playing him -- pressuring him on action.

Not -- the president has this and we the u.s. military engagement in syria and he did not do the strike after he came close to it.

We saw it again recently and in iraq, they were he never supported, he is really reluctant to get the u.s. reengage militarily.

Thank you so much.

That does it for today.

Tomorrow, we will be joined by a race card driver turned real estate mogul.

Discussed how he is helping brazilians invest their money in u.s. property.

That is tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. eastern time right ear.

-- right here.


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