Obama Wants Iraq's Maliki Out: Heilemann

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- President Obama said he is sending as many as 300 troops to Iraq as advisers, and is prepared to take additional “targeted” action if necessary. Bloomberg Politics Managing Editors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann report. (Source: Bloomberg)

Iraq will stop he talked about not only specific plans he is going to take now but also a philosophical view.

The president has 300 military advisers that will be going to rack.

Some of them will be working on intelligence efforts to try to deal with the violence now.

Sending secretary john kerry to the region to build some sort of effort toward a political solution.

The president ruled out any u.s. ground forces beyond these military advisers going in and said the possibility in the future, he called it targeted and for sites action like airstrikes, but that is not something he's announcing at this point.

He did not address directly his support for prime minister maliki, but people will read in his words and statements, not a lot of confidence in maladie two and the political divisions he thinks are the cause of the problems will stop given an opportunity to offer an endorsement tom i given in a very tepid kind of support, no endorsement, he said this is at his doorstep will stop he is not the man.

He did not say he could be a unifying force, he merely said it in the hands of the iraqi people and their leaders to try to come together.

One of the big headlines coming out is surely going to be what's going on behind the scenes and what degree of leverage the u.s. has to try to get him out.

It's clear that is what the u.s. would like to see happen and would like to see him go as a more unifying figure in that role.

The last question he got was about iran and whether they could be a force for good there.

How much do you think or what you see as a holding action and how likely will he had to come back and deal with syria and the question of military strength?

I think this entire press conference is a holding action and given the lack -- even how minimal the intervention as he has described, and no ground troops, airstrikes eating held off, i do not think what he is proposing right now, i don't think most military experts would say the dynamic has changed.

That dynamic in the downward spiral we have seen in the past couple of weeks, the president will have to come back because this is a very big and serious threat to u.s. security because if iraq turns into the old afghanistan, it is a profound effect on u.s. security.

Lex we're covering the other big washington story today, the house of representatives, the republicans taking some new leaders there.

The president met with congressional leaders and talked about these issues.

That'll seem to be pretty collegial but moments before the president spoke, the speaker of the house put out a press release, headline of which the wheels are coming off his presidency.

One of the elements they listed was the situation in iraq.

How restive are republicans about the president has posture before the press conference and to the extent you can anticipated, what he said today?

From the democratic side, very restive.

From speaker john boehner, not mincing any words at all.

Mitch mcconnell also did to the floor to give his owns beach on this issue, criticizing president obama on foreign policy.

What you saw on the president's part this meeting was an effort to put on the table a glare and strategy.

It is what he has been eating hit by in the last couple of days and it's what he's hearing behind-the-scenes from democrats.

If you are going to do something, let's at least put a strategy out there.

It's going to be really interesting to see.

House republicans are pretty distracted with their leadership elections but the criticism of the obama foreign policy has reached a peak level right now, just a few weeks after his big west point speech that was supposed to lay out his doctrine.

I don't think he said anything is going to set that back in any way, shape, or form but it's going to be interesting.

Rex we will be hearing from phil throughout the hour and we have a house leadership elections will stop but to summarize, president obama, after some consultations over the weekend at a big national security meeting has come forward, 300 military advisers knowing to iraq to work with the current iraqi government.

No airstrikes as of right now, secretary kerry going to the region and the main focus is to try to find an iraqi government that can deal with the sectarian divides fueling the problems there, not a lot of faith high in the scenes right now in the current government.

I'm here for my colleague, we appreciate joining us for this

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