Obama Linking to Business in CEO Outreach Sessions

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Nov. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg White House correspondent Julianna Goldman reports on the White House extending its outreach to corporate America, inviting CEOs to meetings on issues with common links in the agendas of their businesses and the Obama Administration. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Like the budget.

Julianna goldman is in washington.

What is the strategy in the west wing right now?

It is an interesting look at how the white house is operating on two tracks.

They are upping their outreach to corporate america, bringing in ceo's on business interests.

You mentioned the budget come immigration reform, the farm bill, and the byproduct of this is also to expose some fissures in the republican party to drive a wedge between mainstream establishment republicans, more conservative tea party hardliners, and to isolate them from the business and donor community at the same time.

The president seems to reach out to the business community quite often.

How is this different?

I talked to a lot of executives over the weekend.

They say it is more cordial, sustained, and you have more follow-up.

One of the criticisms of the outrage over the last several years was that they bring in ceo's and it seems more like a pr stunt, not much follow-up.

Now what is happening is ceo's are coming in with mueller sessions -- smaller sessions with chief aides, and that is being followed up with actual sessions with the president.

It is interesting also the message they are hearing at these sessions.

They are saying, what can we do to help empower speaker john boehner, soliciting their advice?

One of the questions is, is this going to work?

Washington is still pretty partisan.

The president's domestic agenda is in jeopardy now with he fumbled rollout of obamacare.

I think the white house was hoping to use some of their leverage after the budget fight to push forward on immigration.

Maybe the strategy would have been more effective had they not fumbled rollout.

One executive said to me, this builds trust and you would be able to leverage that, hopefully, at the appropriate time.

Building trust is key, especially as the president's approval rating has been falling.

Another observation that we had, hillary clinton, former secretary of state, back in her past and possibly future home.

A nice distraction from the health care mess.

The president is awarding the national medal of honor -- freedom, excuse me, to a number of celebrities.

You had former president bill clinton there.

Hillary clinton was there.

Oprah winfrey, gloria steinem, ben bradley, and peter cook mentioned -- said not to mention dean smith, because he went to duke, but he is there.

The obama's and the clintons will be heading over to arlington cemetery to lay a wreath for john f. kennedy on

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