Obama on Steven Sotloff Beheading: Justice Will Be Served

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Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama speaks about the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff at a press conference in Estonia.


He was taken from us overnight in a horrific act of violence.

We cannot begin to imagine the agony that everyone who loves him is feeling right now, especially his mother, his father, and his younger sister.

Today, our country grieves with them.

Like jim fully before him, his life stood in sharp contrast to those who murdered him so brutally.

They make the absurd claim that they kill in the name of religion, but it was stephen who deeply love the islamic world.

His killers claim that they defend the oppressed, but it was stephen who traveled across the middle east risking his life to tell the story of muslim men and women demanding justice and dignity.

Whatever these murderers think they will achieve by killing innocent americans like stephen, they have already failed.

They have failed because people around the world are repulsed by their barbarism.

We will not be intimidated.

Horrific acts only unite us and stiffen our resolve against these terrorists.

Those of make the mistake of harming americans will learn that we will not forget and that our reach is long and that justice will be served.



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