Obama: France, U.S. United on Iran Sanctions, Syria

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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) – President Barack Obama speaks about security challenges at a joint news conference with French President Francois Hollande at the White House. (Source: Bloomberg)


In four key areas -- first, we are standing shoulder to shoulder on the key challenges to global security.

Our unity with our partners backs strong sanctions and has completed holding and rolling back key parts of the iranian nuclear program.

We agree that next week talks in vienna will be the opportunity for around to show that it is serious about a conference of solution that shows the world that is nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

We agree on the need to continue enforcing existing sanctions, even as we believe that new sanctions during these negotiations would endanger the possibility of a dogmatic solution.

We remain absolutely united on our ultimate goal, which is preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Just as our unity on syria and the incredible threat of force led to the plan to destroy the chemical weapons -- we need to decide what happens next there.

Syria must meet its commitments and russia has a responsibility to ensure that they comply.

As talks continue in geneva, we will continue to strengthen the modern opposition and we call on the international community to stem the foreign fighters into syria.

This week, we are working with our security council partners to call for an end to attacks on civilians and to ensure humanitarian aid will have unimpeded access to syrian's in need.

More broadly, as israelis and palestinians move forward with talks, we agree that france and the european union will have an important role in supporting a final agreement.

We also agreed to continue our cooperation on mali, where leaders and communities need to show the need to oppress further violence.

Second key area, as major trading partners, we are working to boost exports and create jobs.

I'm pleased to announce that we are launching a new economic dialogue to expand trade, increase competitiveness of our businesses, spur innovation, and encourage new entrepreneurs.

His visit to silicon valley this week underscores our commitment to new collaborations in science

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