Obama Confident, Waiting for Boehner to Blink

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama went on the attack against House Republicans, blaming them for shutting down many government operations as part of an “ideological crusade” against his health-care law. Peter Cook reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

On the shutdown, this is a president who is feeling pretty confident about his negotiating position, even as the government is shut down, you have federal workers opted out here in washington and across the country.

The president and democrats feel it is the republican who will be playing the most for what is playing out here.

That is the early sign here in washington.

Whether or not that lays out is the question.

He is not negotiating over the budget situation and you can sense the confidence in his tone that he is not going to give an inch to republicans.

He wants to see john boehner blank at this point.

Any sense of a timeline here?

How long does this go on if he is not willing to compromise, or as you said, we standing his ground?

We will wait to see if republicans blinked.

There is no indication they will.

Watch carefully for this spending situation shutdown to get merged together with the debt ceiling fight to come in the middle of october.

The president gave a hint of that.

The two issues will be combined.

The shutdown could last into mid-october because of that.

But it might mean just one top vote for members of congress as opposed to two, and that is why those issues may be combined.

Adjusting comments about the affordable care act and comparisons to technological issues.

His is a president who is also selling the affordable care act to americans who have been skeptical, also suggesting that technical glitches can be overcome.

That might be a tough sell as well for a skeptical public.

Peter cook, our top washington correspondent.

I want to get to some breaking

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