Obama: Syria's Chemical Weapons Use Threatens Peace

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Sept. 6 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama speaks at the G-20 meeting in Russia about his discussions with global leaders on Syria and the reasons for military action.

Also discuss a grave threat to our shared security.

That is the syrian regime's use of chemical weapons.

What i have been emphasizing and will continue to stress is that the assad regime's brazen use of chemical weapons is not just a syrian tragedy.

It is a threat to global peace and security.

Syria's escalating the use of chemical weapons runs its neighbors -- threatens its neighbors.

It threatens to further destabilize the middle east.

It increases the risk that these weapons will fall into the hands of terrorist groups.

It threatens to unravel the international norm against chemical weapons embraced by 189 nations.

Those nations represent 98% of the world's people.

Failing to respond to this breach of this international norm would send a signal to world nations.

They can develop and use weapons of mass destruction, and not pay a consequence.

That is not the world we want to live in.

That is why nations around the world have condemned syria for this attack and called for action.

I have been encouraged by discussions with my fellow leaders this week.

There is a growing recognition that the world cannot stand idly by.

The international norm against the use of chemical weapons must be upheld.

The assad regime use these weapons on his own people.

-- used these weapons on their own people.

The general secretariat has called the attack a blatant affront to all moral and religious values and international laws and norms.

In the comingin the coming days, i will continue to consult with my fellow leaders around the world and i will continue to consult with congress and will make the best case i can to the american people as well as to the international community for taking necessary and appropriate action.

I intend to address the american people from the white house on tuesday.

The kind of world we live in, our ability to deter this kind of outrageous behavior, will depend on the decisions we make in the days ahead and i am confident if we deliberate carefully and choose wisely, and embrace our responsibilities, we can meet the challenges of this moment, as well as those in the days ahead.

So with that, let me take some questions.

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