No One Wants to Help Obama With Iraq: Bremmer

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Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer discusses President Barack Obama’s decision for the U.S. to offer humanitarian relief to Northern Iraq. He speaks with Tom Keene, Scarlet Fu and Brendan Greeley on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

About the distance -- it is short of new york city to cincinnati.

The pentagon is aware that u.s. intrusion into this form of warfare will come with great risk.

What is the risk for the president and america?

The biggest risk is that you end up having isis targeting american assets on the ground and beyond.

The obama administration is criticized for acting to weekly and too late.

Something, he desperately wants to avoid.

He has tried to limit the nature of that intervention in his speech yesterday.

I think his redline on no ground troops will be maintained.

We are alone.

Cameron of england and the australian leadership saying this is great, but how alone is the united states?

Nobody wants to touch this.

The french have said they will support the kurds on the round in the technical side.

In the region, if you ask whose side we're on here, we are fighting shoulder to shoulder, as it were, with the russians and iranians.

Those are the only countries who have offered significant support.

The united states is not particularly supportive of esther maliki -- of mr.


The recognition of what was happening on the ground with isis and the humanitarian catastrophe really had to trump all other considerations for obama.

He is late on this.

He is enormously reluctant.

It was the right decision.

The story of american foreign-policy has been event.

Are we watching me and of big american strategies?

I do not think that is true.

I think obama has reacted to the presidency that came before him.

He had no foreign-policy experience he when he became president.

It is punishing in that environment to try to be a foreign-policy president in a domestic environment where no one supports it.

He is unusual in that regard.

His second foreign-policy team is weak.

It is not coherent.

Much worse across the board than the first team.

I do not think that will persist.

The environment in which the united states will work, we will develop strategy.

The world environment the u.s. is working in is going to be more challenging.

Markets assumed oil supplies were secured, even with isil moving in.

Do we assume there has been some change, is that part of the calculus behind the scenes?

I think that is right.

There is a little bit of a change.

There was a presumption.

Isis proving vastly more capable than president obama a few months ago.

I still think the actual impact will be quite limited here.

There is definitely a tail risk that we did not see before.

This is moments ago.

A word of a blast in central kiev by the european square.

Give us an update.

Not so much on sanctions and putin and russia, how solid is the institution?

They are under pressure.

It is only going to get worse.

It looks like the attack injured a few people.

The fact is, the president is inane -- in and impossible position.

-- in an impossible position.

The likelihood that the russians pushed back correctly is growing.

I would hate to be in his position.

Having said that, right as we are speaking, food and has had an emergency meeting with his own parliament to talk about

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