Obama and Putin: Are They Meeting in France?

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June 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's “Money Clip” Host Adam Johnson looks at President Obama’s trip to Europe. (Source: Bloomberg)

Commencement speech.

This one is our money clip mash-up.

This -- we will kick it off with what everyone is talking about.

Busy day overseas.

President obama in poland.

G summit leaders will meet in brussels.

They may consider additional sanctions fighting eastern ukraine.

It is indeed a very busy week for president obama.

He arrived in brussels late this morning which takes ways over the next few days.

Background is in mark it was supposed to be aga eating but they decided -- g-8 meeting.

The summit will be devoted to the economic straight, energy, climate change.

Day one will focus on russia.

Ahead of the g7 meeting, president obama met to meet with eastern european leaders, including the president of ukraine.

He pledged a new round, as well as support for the newly elected president.

I have been deeply impressed by his vision in part because of his experience as a businessman and understanding what is wired to help ukraine the effective.

The challenge for the international immunity is to make sure we are supportive of petra's efforts.

The united states has already stepped up in a number of ways.

We are supplementing assistance the ims is providing with $1 billion in additional loan guarantees.

We have discussed additional steps we might take to help during this transition process.

Getting the cameras in the room to see those guys arm in arm, that is a big deal.

It is a clear signal to investors that this is obama's guide.

It is also important for another reason.

It is awfully difficult to see if we have any solution to whatever we all is happening in ukraine.

A crisis, civil war, or conference.

Without the buy-in or participation of vladimir putin.

An interesting perspective.

Prudent and he have a connection.

If only we could get obama and putin talking to again, like maybe at the 70th anniversary of the d-day celebration.

Looks like there will be something.

The level of formality in the meeting has not been determined.

It kind of gets to a deeper meta-question.

What is the meeting?

If they just pass each other on the beach in normandy -- summit pageantry or what we usually have here for events like this area -- this.

If and obama actually meet, it will be the first face-to-face talk between the

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