Obama Allowed Putin to Take Actions: Rep. Turner

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March 3 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Representative Mike Turner, a Republican from Ohio, discusses the crisis in Ukraine on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Ukraine from intense congressional district in ohio, michael turner and the armed services committee.

Good morning.

Our secretary of state goes to the ukraine today.

What would you like to see him accomplish?

The president has by casting this environment of weak this allowed president putin to take the actions.

The whole thing began by him intervening in ukraine internal politics where they were trying to execute an agreement with the eu.

Ultimately this invasion by russia.

The president, and secretary kerry, have to shift their view to understand this is a different russia than they perceived.

Their view has been as secure russia is a secure europe, but the more secure russia feels, the more adventurous they become.

The secretary needs to begin to recognize this is not an east-west issue.

Bring as breaking news to help us in the conversation.

The ukraine prime minister says russian forces are now only in crimea.

Also seeks clarity for what they want and says the troops will not invade east ukraine.

Headlines from the ukrainian prime minister.

To what extent is there discussion on moving american warship to the region if it comes to that?

I think there needs to be a broader discussion then where do we move asset?

We need to make sure we take actions that strengthen the allies.

A number of allies are very nervous right now.

Obviously concerns as they look to their issues with russia.

Certainly as this comes on the border, they need to have concerns.

Certainly we need to look at this in a broader context.

One of them is this is an administration that has walked away from nato obligations with europe.

As we look to the possible expansion, this has been cold to that.

The ukraine and georgia on a path to the missed -- midwest, and that has been disrupt the.

Richard falkenrath working with us.

Look for austerity and frugality of the national defense.

How do we project a state department policy if we are recovering from two wars and want to take the armed services back?

With great difficulty.

The military dimension is absence.

This will not be a crisis that teachers u.s. military use of force.

Carriers are not going to the black sea.

To the extent we are engaged at all, it is about what we say and do with our allies.

We have no powerful course of instruments that can merge them on this front.

By cap we learned anything about the way russia has made the moves?

I've remember when georgia invaded the south.

There was an interesting cyber attack that precluded that.

I was wondering if you saw anything that happens in crimea that was similar?

I think there is a lesson to be learned.

I think the big lesson is to be learned from the administration.

He got caught trying to negotiate a secret deal with putin about the missile defense system.

Russia may be violating the treaty without action by the administration.

This administration has been pursuing an narrative that is just not accurate.

It has put allies at a very disadvantaged decision as we look to russia that is an aggressive state and taking action and meddling in the affairs of the ukraine.

You were the mayor of dayton.

That is a pretty cool thing.

What was the tone of your 10th congressional district over the weekend?

Our constituents engaged in the ukraine or domestic politics?

They are engaged in the issue of ukraine but not just an issue of what is happening there but what is happening with the united states and the fact that we are projecting weakness.

Not just an action that has been happening in russia.

Walking away from nuclear modernization and imposing the sequester on the department of defense and cutting the military.

This is a president that is retracting for u.s. policy at a

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