Obama: Iraq Air Strikes Will Continue

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Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama speaks about the latest developments in Iraq. (Source: Bloomberg)

I'm very grateful to them and i know that those trapped on the mountain are extra nearly grateful as well cared -- jordan eberle grateful as well.

-- extraordinarily grateful as well.

This includes many sunnis, shia and kurds.

We will be working with our international partners to provide those suffering in northern iraq.

Wherever we can carry out effective missions without committing, troops on the ground , -- without committing combat troops on the ground -- i've been encouraged by the interest of our international partners.

We will continue airstrikes to protect our people and facilities in iraq.

We have increased the delivery of military assistance.

Most important thing, we are urging iraqis to come together to turn the tide against isil by seizing the enormous opportunity of forming a new come inclusive government under the leadership of the prime minister.

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