Obama: Affordable Care Act Is Here to Stay

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April 1 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about the just over 7 million people that enrolled for insurance coverage under Obamacare. (Source: Bloomberg)

It is helping people from coast-to-coast.

All of which makes the links that critics have gone to scare people or undermine the law or try to repeal the law without offering any plausible alternative so hard to understand.

I have to admit, i don't get it.

Why are they so mad about the idea of folks having health insurance?

Many of the tall tales that have been told about this law have been debunked.

There are still no death panels.

Armageddon has not arrived.

In the coming year, it will help millions more.

I will always work with anyone.

The affordable care act is here for to stay.


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