O'Neill: Foreign Fed Complainers Should Get a Life

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Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Jim O’Neill, former Chairman at Goldman Sach Asset management, discusses President Barack Obama’s choice of Janet Yellen as Chairman of the Federal Reserve and his advice to global governments who complain about Fed policy. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Participants and the framework of how markets have traded in the past month, years, would probably regard this as good news.

She would want to be sure that the fed can start shifting away from what it is doing.

There is a lot of evidence that a virtuous circle with unemployment doing -- going down and staying down.

I would imagine for the rest of the world, and particularly the emerging word, it is good news your clearly the -- emerging world, it is good news.

Jobs and inflation will be her prerogative.

Does this next fed chairman need to look more international, need to look at the fed's policy, the implications they have on emerging market than on financial markets around the globe?

I see some import and merging also makers have been saying that the past 24 hours in the d.c. no, i don't think so.

I have written about and said recently, the job of the fed us to do what's right for the u.s., but all of these other countries around the world that seemed to be upset with the fed recently -- my view is get a life.

Get a life and start developing your own markets.

This episode demonstrates that the business element is known, and the way to get out of that is developing the liquidity and usage of your own currency.

They have no credible grounds for complaining about the fed.

Jim, what we have learned to the bernanke array is austerity does not work.

We learned that in spades in europe.

It has been largely discredited.

The theme is accommodation.

Can she become restricted?

Well, some people have conspiracy to abuse that another

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