NYT Editorial Board Calls for Clemency for Snowden

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Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Adam Johnson, Julie Hyman, Carol Massar and Leslie Picker wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Years, warren buffett will miss his target of increasing berkshire hathaway net worth at a faster rate of the s&p 500. he said a continued rally would mean berkshire would fall short of the goal and of course the s&p cap the going up so its return 100 and 28% including dividends since the end of 2008 and the book value, has yardstick thomas up 80% starting at the same point through september 13 -- september 30. they are predict in his gain will be in the low to mid 80s. that would indeed mean he fell short of his own target.

This comes with some caveats.

First of all, if you look at his longer-term record, it's pretty darn good.

Just 20% annual return.

A part of this has to do not with his necessarily making bad decisions although one could argue the ibm decision as the s&p 500 and stock overall, the amazing outperformance compared to historical alarms.

It's hard to beat the index every year.

It's especially hard to beat an index when it's up 30%. that's what he was up against.

One of our bloomberg view columnistw referenced another blogger saying if you look at an index fund it's true that hardly anyone -- if you are a stock picker and you try to be the s&p 500 over just the past year, very, very few people are actually lucky enough or smart enough.

It's even harder to do it on a consistent basis.

80% over the past five years so maybe standards are a little bit high.

Like you said, take a look at the long-term track record.

The comment that jumps out at me over the past month is david tepper who finished the year somewhere north of for the percent eat the s&p 500 and his comment to stephanie ruhle was, my greatest fear is for my fellow money managers not to be long enough.

He said we will have another great year and you don't want to be short.

You want to be long as much as you can get.

That implies long on margin are are a 30% gain.


We will have to see what happens.

Tracks that guy has made staggering amounts of money.

Calling on president obama to make a plea bargain with the former nsa agent.

In a piece penned by the editorial board, here is what they wrote.

"you may have committed a crime to do so but he's done his country a great service and it's time to offer mr.

Snowden some kind of clemency allowing him to return home and face at least substantially reduced punishment in light of his role as a whistleblower.

The times has been working with the guardian to publish information since last summer.

I want to open this up to everyone here and viewers, feel free to tweet in as well.

When we first heard about this, everyone was so adamant he had crossed the line.

Not everyone.

Twix we heard time and time again that he was a traitor.

Even richard falkenrath said so as recently as last week on the show.

Somehow, that dialogue is changing.

What stewart take?

-- what is your take?

These were potentially important security secrets but i think he really opened up a lot of windows to the amount of information that the government does collect down there.

It's been enlightening for a lot of us.

In some ways, maybe has done a service.

He definitely did a service.

We did not know it was happening.

. , we did not know until he did this -- full stop we did not know he was doing this.

If anything, you give him a slap on the wrist.

What is a slap on the wrist?

Jail time?

The interesting thing here is the president said there wasn't whistleblower legislation so why did you not take advantage of it?

He was a contractor.

He said he told his appear years about this and they did not do anything about it and there does not appear to be any documentation.

I worry about what other documentation he has not released.

He says he has more.

Bring him back home and let's get the information undercover.

You have to think about what the incentives are for other people out there, other contractors with the kind of access to that information.

If you say you sent edward snowden to russia with no way to return back but if you come back we will give you a slap on the wrist?

Then you think maybe i can get the fame and notoriety and not get punished.

What do you think you?

I think he's done a service and i cannot believe i said that.

For a long time i felt he violated the oath that he took but as you pointed out we would not have the awareness that we now have in this country about what's being done in needing to be some internal checks and balances and i think that's why we've had this.

It's an ugly process and let us hope no americans lose their lives over this.

It is something that needed to happen.

It's a tough, tough issue.

The domestic diva has reached a deal.

Macy's settled the legal dispute with martha stewart over whether her company breached by selling products at jcpenney.

They said they would roll back the agreement to stop making product in categories exclusive to macy's and end this four years earlier than planned.

The terms are not being disclosed but they say it does not reflect the outstanding plans.

Are we done yet?

Apparently not.

This stuff is still ongoing.

Martha stewart investors were certainly saying the stock was up in 9% today so definitely a lot of relief that this is finally done with.

I'm still confused about how it happened in the first place and there was so much confusion.

There was an agreement they had with jcpenney and then they rebranded but macy's was still upset.

It's like a soap opera.

It's interesting that martha stewart designed merchandise is still in hot demand.

It's a well-known brand.

It's enduring.

She has a lot of style.

There is a reasonably we call her the domestic diva.

Let's talk about the latest security breach because there are so many recently.

The latest at snapped shot, user names and phone numbers have been leaked.

Snapshot db allows open access to two files showing details of users along with their location.

They did censor the final today the jets of the phone numbers but they said they should feel free to contact them for the uncensored database.

This come months after they were warned that the data was vulnerable.

That's the thing.

They said it was not a big deal.

That was the reaction.

To do this would require crosschecking against the national database of phone numbers and would be too difficult.

The irony is that snapshot claim to fame is the discretion, right?

The whole deal is you use this so no one will know.

Instead it takes eight seconds and in theory there is no trail?

There is always a trail.

This is problematic if they get their lawyers.

They better get someone to fix those firewalls.

Today everywhere on january 2 they sell a bag with a random assortment of products.

We are doing the conversion in jan and it comes in different configurations.

One includes an 11 inch macbook air with our support air jacket, apple magnetic -- magic mouse and beats by dr.

Dre bluetooth.

The mac book air alone is worth 990 nine dollars so we are talking about a serious discount.

You know something about awful -- apple?

The year is not done but the estimate is 3984. it will be back up to $44 70 eight cents.

This is the first time in about 12 years we have seen a down earnings year for apple.

I will take one of those.

A plane ticket to japan.

Why is it only in japan?

That's a very curious question, carol.

I need some of that sugar.

Check it out on your ipad.

Thank you so much for coming

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