NYSE Is Great for Oracle and Shareholders: Hurd

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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Oracles Co-President Mark Hurd discusses innovation at the new York Stock Exchange with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

Company on the nasdaq or the nyc -- the nyse?

Oracle switched.


We asked mark hurd.

The exchange is doing exciting things and we want to be part of that.

We feel is great for shareholders.

What is the one thing the helped convince you that you will get there?

There is a lot of innovation concerned with how we represent ourselves with shareholders.

Not-, we we felt this was great for oracle and shareholders.

I suspect when you are looking around the room you probably can see a post with an oracle client.

, someone that you see -- tell us someone that you see that is a customer of yours and perhaps change the way they do business.

That is a good question.

We have almost 400,000 customers . we have a large customer base.

It is a car that is at the core of most companies.

When you buy online from a retailer, there's a high probability you are buying that with the help of oracle software.

When banks are closing books, it is typically on oracle software.

A bill from your phone company, you are very likely getting that from oracle software.

We are at the core of fundamental processes that run most companies around the world and it is an exciting place to be.

One of the biggest differences with oracle is you're not just at the core as you have been with the database level, but on so many other software processes.

When you look at the metrics that you have used to judge the business, if that changes when you had in hr, crm or hardware and so on?

We have a broad portfolio.

A broad, great for folio of capabilities.

We now offer our capabilities via the license model and the cloud business.

We are now the second biggest cloud company in the world.

We are arguably the biggest enterprise software company in the world.

For us, we have a hardware business, a software business.

We do the licensing model, the cloud model -- no, to your question of does it had complexity -- added complexity -- we feel great about our position to offer capabilities any way the customer wants it.

When you talk about transaction size, what does that tell you about the growth of your clients and your company ? what does it tell you if it is going up and going down?

We had a lot of calls about our revenue and composition of our revenue, and we had a couple of comments.

One, the pipeline is up.

That means there are more opportunities in the overall pipeline and we have had before.

It has grown materially.

We have added a lot of salespeople.

We are competing for more markets than we were before and the pipeline shows that.

The conversion rate of the pipeline to a transaction has actually declined, which means people are taking a longer time.

We are winning a bigger percentage of the deals and we are in, but they are taking longer to close, and when they do close, the average transaction sign has declined.

Those are the signs in a weaker, macroeconomy that we discussed in the call.

But overall, it is clear that we gained share.

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