NYSE Beats Nasdaq as 2013 Tech IPO Winner

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Dec. 20 (Bloomberg) –- NYSE Euronext Executive Vice President & Head of Global Listings Scott Cutler discusses Tech IPOs on the New York Stock Exchange with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

New york stock exchange have been battling for tech ipo listings.

For the first time in over 15 years, the nyse has met on top.

The new york stock exchange landed 22 tech ipo path this year versus 15 for the nasdaq.

Cory johnson is at the new york stock exchange with more.

Yes, here is the new york stock exchange, a place i like to be.

We don't talk a lot about stalks on open up bloomberg west." the ipo business was huge this year.

You guys got a lot of tech deals this year.

We had a majority of technology offered this year.

This is a huge year for technology generally highlighted by the twitter ipo.

This is the first year since 2007 when we had a meaningful ipo market in technology.

There a lot of trading that happens here.

To what do you attribute that to?

I think there was a bond with technology.

We have been focused on making sure the execution platform around the ipo works extremely well.

That was the focus for this particular transaction.

Our story started about five years ago where we really focused a network of the nyse on that sector.

We have been extremely successful at attracting growing technology companies to the nyse.

I remember whenoakley went to look -- i remember when oakley went public.

They decided the ticker tape should beoooo and people are writing checks with that on it.

How has the ipo process differed from what it was back in the day/ the technology that underpins the market is incredible prayed we are processing two point $5 trillion of transactions per day which is 40 times more.

We are processing a tremendous amount of data on the technology.

The people here who are active around the ipo are essentially the balance of that.

That is the analytics and human judgment.

In terms of the ipo itself, is that process different?

The process is not that different.

It comes in electronically and we can see that at the point-of- sale.

You can see where buyers and sellers are but ultimately it is the underwriters making the decisions where to open the stock and that takes people to do that.

If you are here at the twitter ipo, you saw in early 100 people around the post leading to that price discovery process.

The price discovery seems to have held.

Talk to me about the listings that you want.

There have been big changes in technology this year.

This year is the biggest transfer of or in history.

The biggest one in history was oracle.

Oracle has been one of about 50 companies that transferred to our market over the last couple of years.

We continue to see if low companies.

It is worked by the number of new listings and ipo path that we have had over the course of the year.

I would imagine the size of oracle dwarfs what the new ipo's have done.

It is a large company and it trades really well.

It has been a great partner, another big technology name in the network of names we bear.

Talk to me about what the sales process is when you meet a company.

What is the message you give to them?

This is a relationship business.

Everyone of these transactions is safe and we are building those relationships over the course of 1-2 years before the ipo.

We know the management teams are at work for the equity firms and we talk a lot about the value of this as a platform.

For us, the focus on an is making sure that process is seamless, transparent, and reliable and trustworthy.

What do you see next year in terms of the deals?

We've got a lot of higher profile technology names that everybody is focused on.

There are some big ones in asia and some big ones coming out of the valley.

They are in enterprise and social and data -- the same trends will continue into next

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