NYC's Tiniest Apartment? The 425-Sq. Ft. Micro Loft

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- Louise Harpman, founding partner of Specht Harpman, discusses the growing micro apartment trend with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Hartman, founding partner of suspect hartman architects.

Let's talk about this assignment.

Four hundred 25 square feet sounds awful small.

Really small, and what made it even trickier is on the top of a sixth floor walk up in the west 70. it had three or four different chunks of space that the owner had been renting out two college kids for years.

I don't know if you saw the before and after, but it is a great transformational story.

Just by thinking about what it takes to live efficiently in a small space were able to make it work.

Everything does double duty.

It is not just a staircase, but a storage space.

It is not just an entry by the console table, but the kitchen counter.

As far as this idea of doing double duty, so to speak, what about the cost of something like this?

Ideas don't necessarily cost something, but implementation might be expensive.


One of the things that happens in a space like this, because we are so program intensive and we used every note and cranny in the space, so there's not a lot of wasted space.

When you use every bit of space, that is where the cost comes in.

On a square foot basis, this is actually high cost.

But on the other hand, it is a tailored living environment that is perfect for this climate.

-- this client.

And we get people all the time asking if it is for sale, even when we tell them what it costs.

Are you able to use some of the space saving ideas, or maybe license or reproduce them on a larger scale for other installation?

Throughout the country, micro corp.

-- micro dwelling situations are trending big.

We see them in new york, dallas, austin.

There is such a demand for small spaces.

I really think the less is more dictum is being played out in a major way by singles all across the country.

33% of new york households are single person household.

35% in boston.

Over 45% in washington, d.c. what we are seeing in the housing market is a mismatch between available units and the people who want to live in them.

This is why the microsoft project, there is a demonstration -- micro loft project, there is a demonstration going on right now.

This is actually an amazing thing that is happening.

But actually, new york is behind the trend.

This is already in place in seattle, san francisco, and in austin.

Tell me about your is house, your zero project that you've brought the model of.

I wonder if you could describe things like the cost and what it's designed to do.

The manhattan micro loft came in just under $950 per square foot, which is really high for new york city, but again, it was so space intensive.

425 square feet.

The zero house is the concept of another micro dwelling units that are come from -- our company developed.

It is about 650 square feet.

But it is a freestanding structure that can be entirely off the grid.

It is solar powered, collects its own water, and processes its own weight.

It is a little less than $450 per square foot, but it is plug and play.

You install it and it is ready to go.

And that is fully loaded.

And if you want to be on the electrical grid, it comes down.

What about the manufacture of all of the components that go into this?

Is that already ramped up and ready to go?

It is an off the shelf rod art.

-- off-the-shelf product.

We are really into sustainability and leave that people should do more with less.

All of the off-the-shelf products available -- are available on our website.

Other people can go out and build themselves a zero house, too.

What is happening with developers is that these projects are standalone projects, but the development community is hungry for this.

We have been talking to two different developers in two different cities to get a format, a microsoft format for multiple to wellington.

-- micro loft format for multiple dwellings.

What does that look like echo -- looked like?

In the zero house, because it also has the environmental and energy overlay, that is even more efficient.

We are talking to other

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