Nutrisystem Reinforces Strategy on Weight-Loss

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Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Dawn Zier, CEO at Nutrisystem, discusses the company’s approach to wright loss success on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Offer a lot of the calorie tracking technologies for free.

On the higher end i'm at the very expensive systems that focus on the quality of food.

Where does nutrisystem fit?

It is for the mainstream consumer.

We embrace things like fitness trackers.

We embrace things like that.

We see it as complementary to our program.

These do not offer portion control to the system.

We think the combination are very powerful.

The quality of the food has been an issue for some consumers.

We focus a lot on food polity.

We have over 150 varieties to choose from.

What is new this year gekko everyone makes the same resolutions.

They implement the plan on january 5. i think we're done about january 20. what is new for you ? we have a new fast 5 kit.

A new personal system targeted to individuals metabolism and it helps you lose five pounds in the first week.

I can lose i pounds.

Within that, how will you sell that too boring, lazy people like me what is a behavioral thing i will change through product?

People go on the program and have the early success of five pounds that helps them stay on the program longer.

Being able to lose five pounds in one week and then stay on the program longer.

We have maintenance and transition programs.

We transition back to regular food.

We have an online site.

People come in to do their weekly weigh-in's. we have counselors available for chile 24-7 that people can come and ask advice to.

Do you monitor how long people can keep the weight off?

It varies by individual amah but we see people with early success heat the weight off longer.

That is what we track and measure.

But it is a cultural thing as well.

How do you adapt across different parts of america?

It is different, specifically for men and women.

So women very much an emotional issue.

With men they do not think about it as much.

They do not assess about it.

Bill harris with us.

Nutrisystem does better.

I think it already has.

What she is doing is brilliant.

You are helping people with their health.

We are helping people with finances.

The key to doing that is tech.


It is also the counselors.

Without the human interaction, people will not do it.

We have advisors that work with you alongside tech.

I bought gum drops for the kids.

I ate them all.

I will send you the fast five.

Maybe he needs fast 15. this is really intimidating.

I am working out more.

I am trying.

He and i are going to go to

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