NSA Will Be 'Comfortable' With House Deal: Hayden

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March 25 (Bloomberg) -- Gen. Michael Hayden, former NSA director, discusses the U.S. government's data collection program with Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

The deal we are seeing come to fruition in the house?

Class it is not a bad deal.

It is one i would be comfortable with.

Mike rogers suggested it would be 80% dilution.

It is done to make people more comfortable and not to fundamentally change the nsa posses ability to protect the nation.

I am comfortable with this going forward.

I think the agency will as well.

Class i have always wondered.

As an american, you have got to balance individual liberty on the one hand with, on the other hand, total security.

I feel like the framers of the constitution would have probably been in more favor of a shift toward individual liberty whereas people in the cia and congress today are in more favor of security.

What do you think?

At the time, you have to make -- the decision.

The fourth amendment talks about protecting us against unreasonable search -- search and seizure.

What is reasonable is based on the circumstances at the time.

At times of national safety and comfort, not much would be reasonable.

3000 dead americans due to a terrorist attack, you know, the law might change.

That is what we had with the patriot act.

You think we have an 80% solution for the nsa.

Let me ask you quickly because you ran the cia as well.

I know john running it now denies his agency has acted wrongly, but diane feinstein is one of the big defenders of the nsa bulk data collection and has now said there has been a breach of powers and the cia has been researching committee staffers, computers, looking into them, and how do you feel about that issue?

What is your take on it?

My take is that this is an absolute no-win situation.

It is no win for the week.

It is no win for oversight.

Everyone needs to take a deep breath and step back, use a little less dramatic language and let's figure out a way to go forward.

When you say the agency spied on the staff, i think we will find the high water mark might be the agency posses information-technology folks check the computers to see how the staffers got a document and the caa believes they did not give to them.

That may make people upset, but that is a little bit different than saying there was continuous spying by the agency.

I think it is weird when people accuse the cia of spying.

That is their job.

I was talking with the congressman as well.

Isn't it difficult to oversee covert operation?

Is that not a bit of an oxymoron?

It is not.

Let's be candid with you and your viewers.

This cia breaks a lot of laws, just not american laws.

That is the distinction.

There is a dylan song, you have to be honest when working outside the law.

When the cia is operating outside of other people's law, they have to be absolutely honest internally here in the united states.

It is classic.

I wonder how often cia directors and nsa directors quote dylan.

How long -- i understand after the 9/11 attacks of the patriot act in this kind of oversight, a lot of people would deem necessary, but how long?

It seems the terrorism is here to stay.

Is this kind of surveillance here tuesday?

If you had asked me that question two years ago, i probably would have been leaning more than i am today, that we are safe enough now that we at least want to consider pulling back some of the things we put in place after 9/11. totality of circumstances.

We are in no way in the circumstances we were in in 2001, i think we're marching left say -- less safe today than we were two years ago.

These low threshold attacks we see them conducting.

This is going to be a tough problem for us.

When do go back to normal?

The question is, this may be normal.

Got it.

Thank you for joining us.

Former head of the nsa and the

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