NSA Spy Data Seen Costing Carriers $60M a Year

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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Phil Mattingly reports on U.S. government surveillance on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Mattingly joins us now.

The president proposed that a third party hold millions of phone records collected by the nsa.

How much is that going to cost?

This is a big issue, emily, and as you said, it is part of 46 proposals by the president's own task force in the wake of the idea is that the nsa should not be holding the data.

It should go to a third-party or two from carriers.

Dianne diane feinstein, chairman of the intelligence committee, said that would cost the phone carriers as much as $60 million a year and open them to an enormous amount of liability.

The administration is so kind of going through whether or not they are going to take this recommendation from the task force.

The president mentioned it in his last news conference of 2013. major concerns for phone carriers is -- if the administration decides to take this route.

Obviously silicon valley is very interested in what the president decides.

Are they going to be getting what they want out of this.

Google, yahoo!, facebook, all of these companies have protested the way these surveillance measures have been carried out.

Extremely interested and very active.

They have had meetings with the white house.

They have put out their own proposals of what they would like to see.

President obama gives a wide- ranging speech on intelligence and for structure next friday.

They are hoping he will address what they are looking for.

Those companies want to release reports about how often they are required to release information by the u.s. i think the administration is trying to figure out how they can find some type of middle ground.

In terms of everything else, anything the administration does that is perceived by privacy advocates as a good thing will be in line with what they wanted.

This is a revenue issue, particularly internationally.

How long do you think this debate is going to continue to play out?

Are we ever going to put this to rest?

A lot of wildcards here, and here is why.

We know that there are around one point 9 million documents taken by edward snowden.

Those are in the hands of reporters all over the world.

Who knows what the next revelation is going to be?

That is what keeps administration officials up the night.

There is a major move on capitol hill, a bipartisan move, to restrict nsa capabilities.

Just because the president gives a speech and starts to institute changes, that is knowing -- that is not going to stop that move either.

You can bet that in 2014 edward snowden is going to stay in the news on a regular basis.

That is not necessarily a good thing.

Phil mattingly, our white house correspondent, thanks so much.

As mentioned, the debate edward

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