NSA Challenges Yahoo, Google Data Watch Claims

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Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) - -Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook reports that NSA Director General Keith Alexander has disputed claims that the NSA has direct access to servers for Yahoo and Google. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Challenging report the government is tapping into google and yahoo!'s data through a back door.

What is the latest?

Just one more fallout from the edward snowden saga that continues to dominate the headlines are in washington and put pressure on the relationship between technology companies and the federal government.

At the conference yesterday in washington, the head of the nsa general keith alexander responded to the latest snowden disclosure reported it "the washington post," citing documents from edward snowden saying the agency was able to capture googling yahoo!

Data a intercepting fiber-optic cables abroad.

This is how he responded.

I can tell you factually that we do not have access to google servers, yahoo!


We go through a court order an issue that to them through the fbi.

It is not millions, it's thousands of those that are done.

It's almost all against terrorism and other things like that.

It has nothing to do with u.s. persons.

That news was just breaking his general alexander spoke to the nsa.

His push back further.

The company and the nsa have denied in the past the government has direct access to the company servers, but alexander did not directly respond to the new wrinkle that they could be intercepting information traveling between data centers on those fiber up to cables.

This is a very big deal to these technology companies because there are ready under intense pressure to show customers at home and abroad they aren't necessarily turning over information to the government without being forced to do so under court order.

A yahoo!

Spokesman responding in an e-mail statement to us, strict controls in place to protect the security of our data centers and we have not given access to our data centers to the nsa or any other government agency." this report will make it harder for them to compete for business in europe.

This is a competitive advantage for european companies who will argue this data is at risk.

Enqueue very much, peter cook . in the meantime, initial jobless claims data are out.

You have the number coming in at 340,000, so slightly higher than consensus of 338,000. as most will tell you, including michael mckee, it is the four- week moving average that counts.

In the meantime, what does this say for today?

We're finally getting back to numbers that maybe we can make use out of.

The jobless claims numbers have been distorted by the government shutdown.

No one is paying any attention.

According to the labor department, california has finally worked through its backlog of claims.

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