November U.S. Auto Sales Will Be Strong: Caldwell

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Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) --'s Jessica Caldwell discusses U.S. auto sales with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)


Thanks for having me.

The automakers made it through this 16 day partial government shutdown unscathed.

Was this a question of good fortune in timing?


What you started to look at is the sales in mid-october when the shutdown had gone on longer than people thought it was, it was starting to falter a bit.

There was definitely some worried.

But luckily it ended when a dead and sales were able to pick back up although there was a bit of a weak finish to the month.

I think that could be accounted for later in the year.

The automakers, do you think they will be able to make up for the lost sales that were caused by the shutdown?

Definitely so.

I think consumers are very savvy now and there is so much retailing that goes on at the end of the year when all the year-end deals and holiday deals, online in the past three years.

That has been effective.

What we will see very soon is there will be advertising for year-round -- year in deals and holiday deals.

That is consumers a signal it is time to buy which has worked well in the past and will work well again this year.

What do you think accounts for the rebound from september's lackluster numbers?

September was an anomaly.

It was a short month in terms of the number of days it had to sell.

It was very slim and also labor day was accounting for august sales.

It did not take much to outsell september because the town or played a trick on that month.

Any surprises from some of the numbers for you today?

I think overall, no big surprises.

General motors was a bit stronger than we had thought.

Right now the seasonality of trucks are playing out fairly strong.

Trucks tend to sell well in the fall and winter and that coupled with low gas prices has enabled trucks and suv's to be stronger.

That was a bit of a surprises month.

You are speaking that -- chrysler says two of its most popular vehicles, sales were up and ram pickup sales rose 18%. is that a harbinger for other parts of the economy, maybe for the housing sector?

We see a lot of those trucks being used to carry instruction supplies.


The two go hand-in-hand.

The fact that there is a new gm truck with a dash the silverado and the s and the ram is relatively new.

And then the ford f1 50 will be new next year but they are seeing some sales on those trucks because it will go into a point where they want to get rid of this inventory.

When you look at what is available out there and the fact that construction is getting better, housing was -- is looking stronger, it ain't a better picture for the truck market.

Automakers came within 6000 deliveries of 13 million.

Demand for autos to my is it still on pace for the best year since 2007? definitely still on pace.

It will be a strong month.

Credit is still relatively friendly.

As long as that continued and people are able to get low interest rates, people are able to get good affordable leases, that will keep auto sales going.

If that starts to waver a bit it could cause a bit of a stumble but it looks like it is a favorable environment for the buyer.

Just jessica, thanks for your

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