Novartis Second-Quarter Profit Misses Estimates

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July 17 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports earnings for Novartis, the world’s largest drugmaker by sales, on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Of debt markets.

Let's get you some more breaking news.

Novartis earnings breaking.

Second quarter core earnings share, just shy of estimates.

The net income figure also missing estimates.

A bit of a concern.

Vaccine sales fall 13%. consumer health, this is a company that has been organizing.

They have a joint venture going forward now with glaxo in terms of consumer.

They have seen sales rise 5%. a bit of a disappointing picture with some of the headlines we have got.

They say they have maintained strong innovation momentum.

An amazing set of deals that happened.

The most recent was just the other day.

It blows your mind about where they have -- where and how far they have come with tech.

Fix it is radical.

Contact lenses are not really cheap to begin with so what happens when they have all these google functions in them?

And a come with prototypes.

Five years, these things can be on the market.

The guy behind google x division which has been pushing the google glass and contact ounces, they just lost one of the key members.

The guy behind google glasses has been moved to amazon, jumped ship.

Said where does that take futures, it is all about talent and coming up with these amazing ideas.

A lot of people say that is the point about apple.

Here we are with [inaudible] we have more with novartis.

We have delivered an awesome

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