Not Going to China Is Wrong Move for Firms: Shalgo

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March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Zvi Shalgo, CEO of PTL Group, discusses doing business in China on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Trend for the next 5-10 years.

The big market is over they.

A lot of big companies that already have infrastructure globally out there.

The younger, smaller companies lack the know-how and the resources to go there.

In china, if you come with the result, you are bound to have troubles.

The idea is to bring them there before they have the support and develop them up to a level that they can understand the market locally.

What is the kind of exit you will be looking for?

What timescale?

What kind of multiple will you be looking for?

We are hearing that at the very beginning of ipo for foreign invested companies, which is very interesting news for us -- will we see israeli companies offer china more than the u.s.? not going to china is the wrong move for many companies.

Especially those were active in the markets.

This is new energy and alternative energy.

Electric power -- do israeli companies need to be more concerned about alleged electoral property -- about intellectual property ipo ? they need to be concerned anyway.

That's not only the chinese.

Businesses in the israeli market, many industries like this are competing.

They will try to prove who was there first.

It's not a new phenomenon.

It's a part of the industry.

It's a part of business.

Companies have to protect themselves anywhere in the world.

Coming up, the growing push to increase the minimum wage.

We will find out of small businesses will support a hike in wages.

Pfizer shares are trading again.

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