Not Enough Equities in Investor's Portfolios: Doll

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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Bob Doll, chief equity strategist at Nuveen Asset Management and David Robertson, professor at Wharton School, preview today's FOMC meeting and discuss Americans' investment strategies in response to the Fed. They speak on Bloomberg Televisions' "Bloomberg Surveillance."

"brick by brck" hisick" is his book.

Le continuego is to get margins upward of 30%. -- lego continues to get margins upward of 30%. they have a story coming game, a cartoon show.

They do everything to increase kids involvement with the toy.

The leg as i see look like the ones we grew up with us kids.

You can buy another brick that step -- snaps together for half the price, and yet everyone is buying legos.

Bring that over to whole foods.

Grocers are mostly a commodity.

They're doing the local foraging.

Using wind power.

They treat their lobsters better.

They advertise how other lines are better.

I go there because the queue management actually works.

They do not annoy us.

Bob dall with us.

Oll with us.

How do yo stayu in a stock that is rich with price?

Have to keep watching the fundamentals.

Innovation is part of the story appeared did you go to the store and enjoy it compared to a lot of other places.

That is why investors had given the stock a premium.

I would and -- suggest to have to enjoy the shareholder return as well.

You made the word patience earlier.

Of the other thing and speaks to your innovation, amazon and google are testing out online grocers.

I wonder what the response will be?

You mentioned earlier about how they are expanding into detroit.

Are moving to smaller markets, markets where it may not be an obvious play, but they are doing that.

By keeping the cost life -- by keeping the argentine and costs under control, they are attracting a new class of shoppers.

I do not think it is a couch if you do not buy organic.

It is not the stereotype.

People go there specifically for the 365. we will talk a whole lot more about whole foods.

This is just the beginning of the conversation.

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