Not All Ad Giants Are Created Equal

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on technology and advertising and Google's initiatives on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Those add bucks,. / john ehrlichman has more from los angeles.

There is a different story for google today.

In the case of yahoo!

And facebook and google, they have to spend a huge amount of time thinking about where users are going and the people are spending more time on their own or tablet or desktop computer.

They've also got to figure out how the advertising fits into that story.

In the case of all of those companies, you are talking about very different advertising business models.

Last week, we were at the sun valley media conference.

Allen and company puts that on an idaho and we got a chance to speak with martin sorrell, the advertising giant, about some of the differences between the major technology companies.

I think advertisers are starting to understand the power of search which i think is the most powerful advertising tool whether it is pc-driven or mobile-driven.

Mobile has bags a potential.

They are starting to understand that facebook is about branding, not so much about immediate advertising impact.

We know that 85-90% of automobile purchases in america are influenced by search already.

Meantime, in the case of google, we can likely expect an update on all the companies big new initiatives.

There is boubou -- google glass, moto-x. they are important and the difference between a google earnings report an earnings call is larry pager generally makes an appearance on these calls.

His perspective is important.

Last quarter, he was talking about his job not being one to make these incremental changes as you often see in corporate america and boost earnings by couple of pennies.

He is trying to inspire the google ranks to think of that next thing so they can stay ahead of the competition and that is why there's so much attention these days on those products like glass and a

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