Norquist: U.S. Will Avoid Government Shutdown

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Aug. 16 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Al Hunt gives a preview of his interview with Norquist on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The top tax talks, grover norquist, and a conversation with al hunt predict the white house and republicans will reach a budget deal and avoid a government shutdown in the fall.

I tend to think they will not be a government shutdown.

How about the debt ceiling?

People can decide.

There are only two pieces of legislation that need to pass.

Everything else could not happen.

Those are the two things that have to have a house, senate, and president to agree.

They will try to stick stuff into the must pass bill.

For more on this, i'm joined by the host, al hunt.

Tell us about your conversation.

He said that the republicans had a real shot at 14 -- forcing president obama to [indiscernible] what they are doing is they are searching for some form that might work.

They richly said they're going to defund obamacare.

That didn't fly.

This is the next step.

I do not think this will fly either.

It is a apart of what is going on with the showdown with the continuing resolution.

You asked about his top picks for the 2016 publican presidential race.

Who they might be.

What did he have to say?

He listed a bunch as he should.

If he wants to keep maintaining eye contact.

His eyes light up at the mention of scott walker.

He thinks that this would be a year for governor.

Someone with governing experience.

He things walker has been battle tested.

I think that if you push him, you gain that, you say is top choices scott walker.

No chris christie, no governor of indiana?


governor walker is number one.

Chris christie thought would be a credible and formidable candidate, providing that he signs or valves never to raise taxes.


kristi has not signed his famous no tax increase pledge.

Let's switch gears.

Leaders unanimously -- those networks plan to brought wes programs highlighting hillary clinton's life and career.

Is this the right move?

It is a move of convenience.

They want to cut down on the number of days.

It look like a food fight among republicans.

This is to give them a great convenience.

That means there will be fewer debates.

And i think it is meritorious.

I do not think with cnn and nbc , running whenever they call it, a series on president shall candidates is professional either.

Can you recall in covering washington a time when a major political party has threatened basically what they did, and network threat that they will not schedule debates because of something they decided to put on the programming schedule?

Not that.

It was worse during the nixon years when they threaten to take away licenses.

The washington poised -- the washington post, and cbs.

I do not think this is a great first amendment issue.

The party is a right to decide who was going to moderate debates.

You can't cover candidates, can't cover conventions, and that would be outrageous.

Who hosts debates, i do not know that is something that thomas jefferson was thinking about in 1776. i'm sure he wasn't. i have to ask, president obama is on vacation now with this family.

The presidential vacations handicap the president?

He is always connected with the white house because his aides go on vacation as well.

He is always in touch with his senior people.

When there seems to be relaxation, does that hurt them?

I do not think so.

People believe that the president ought to get a wrist bite, get away.

-- wetherbee reagan -- whether it be reagan, or obama.

You have to come and react.

He came out and talked about the egyptian problem.

In the old days they might have let the secretary of state handle that.

The president has to demonstrate that he is on top of big issues like that.

The host of "political

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