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Aug. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, talks with Bloomberg's Al Hunt about implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the outlook for budget talks and immigration legislation. Bloomberg's Indira Lakshmanan and Phil Mattingly discuss U.S. aid for Egypt and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's performance. Julianna Goldman reports on the Obama administration. Commentators Margaret Carlson and Lanhee Chen talk about Hillary Clinton's speech on voting rights. (Source: Bloomberg)

This week, grover norquist talks about pending budget fights, immigration.

President obama distances himself from egypt.

Margaret carlson debate hillary clinton's charges of voter discrimination.

We begin the program with americans for tax reform president, growth -- grover norquist.

As you know, the big showdowns are coming this fall.

The proposed delaying of obamacare.

I talk with the white house and democrats.

They say no way.

They will never accept that.

What should the republican strategy be?

Should include a possible shutdown?

Some people have insisted the president signed the defunding of obamacare.

He would rather get his liver then do that.

They say they will not take a delay.

They have delayed whole sections of it again and again.

I think that it is going to be increasingly difficult to say that we have delayed it for our big business friends, insurance friends.

You think they would capitulate on this.

They say it would be.

They say they will not delay all of obamacare.

Do you think they will ultimately cave?

At the end of the day, yes.

He has had delay so much of it.

It will be an embarrassment to say -- should the republicans consider a government shutdown?

They should pass a debt ceiling that includes it.

Tv does that, there'll be a government shutdown.

We get into that argument.

I think it will not be a government shutdown.

It was not one on the sequester.

It was a much bigger deal.

How about the debt ceiling?

People can decide either the continuing resolution or the debt ceiling.

Everything else could not happen.

There is the things that have to have a house, senate, and present a great.

They need to stick stuff into the bills.

Some defense talks, john mccain and lindsey graham charge the sequestration is literally affecting the ability to defend our nation and ought to be replaced by a combination of other spending cuts and revenue increases.

The reason why the president of united states was willing to have sequestration is part of the budget deal was that he sees john mccain as on the tv shows and think they represent the modern republican party.

Their 83 that -- you do not agree.

You think they are wrong when they say it affects the ability to defend the country.

This project, sequestration.

We can always move money around.

We should do that.

We're not going to undo the only budget restraint this country has.


To poke a hole in that would be a mistake.

It will not happen.

The house is not going to do it.

But that is not going to do it.

I in her stand some people -- democrats like to say i care about the welfare.

Spending more money on wealth or education doesn't buy you welfare.

Let's turn to immigration.

You are a supporter of a comprehensive immigration bill and have been for a long time.

Let me get a prediction.

Give me a prediction.

Will the house passed a bill that is including a pathway to citizenship?

I believe in the next nine to 12 months, yes.

A bill that has border security.

More serious than the senate's version.

And a future flow.

One of the problems in 1986 was we did not make the high-tech people come here on a guest worker program.

We need that.

We will have an expansion.

That will have some legal status.

In a pathway to citizenship for 10-11,000,000 who have come here.

Do you think republicans will support it?

At the end of the day, yes.

To be moving parts in this legislation.

A lot of which conservatives can be very happy with.

I think at the end of the day, the pathway to citizenship for people who came here without papers is 10-15 years from now.

We are talking about well into the next year.

But this congress.

This congress.

What would be the consequences if they were to kill an immigration bill?

What several challenges.

The business community needs more high-tech workers.

Academic amenities would like people to come here, getting green card to stay.

A gets talent -- it brings more talent.

You do not think they going to kill the bill?

I think it would be unwise for the modern republican party to come across as hostile to immigration.

There has been a losing position for 200 years.

When we talk about america being built by immigrants, it is not something you say.

It is true.

It is who the country is.

2016. you have spoken favorably about republicans, paul ryan, scott walker, and marco rubio.

Would you include chris christie?


He is a northeastern republican, the was taken on the teachers union and made clear he is not against education.

He is not side tax budget.

He is not.

Would you think he needs to sign it?

Is that a requisite?

Anyone who wants to run as a republican would make it clear to the american people one way or the other that they want to not raise taxes.

In order to win the nomination, i believe the have to make it a credible commitment.

You can do a number of ways.

The pledge is an obvious way.

He has to pledge no.

That is the case.

Heavy load to the snowfield.

It is way out.

You have 5-6 republicans looking to run.

They could raise the money to run nationally for many months.

It is not one of those things, where if you do not win in new hampshire you finish.

What is one name that pops in your head?

What scott walker.

He has done incredible things.

He is taken on the labor union bosses.

He is cut -- he has cut spending.

Even paul ryan.

I think paul ryan is more likely to stay in the house and pass the rhine budget.

He can run for president anytime in the next 20 years.

Thank you for being with us.

When we return, chaos in egypt.

Eric holder's big week.

Welcome back.

The quiet days of august force shattered.

Responding to the egyptian crackdown in the muslim brotherhood, president obama canceled joint military operations with the egyptians.

Here to discuss that, -- the attorney general had a burst of activity.

Phil mattingly is here.

Do we have any leverage with the egyptians?

That is the million dollar question.

The 1.3 million dollar question.

That is the reason the administration has gone through these rhetorical things of not calling a coup e a coup.

That goes to a lot of things like military intelligence cooperation protection.

Those are things that the u.s. does not want to sacrifice.

They are clearly not listening to us.

They have more money from other people.

It makes a mockery of the rule of law when we say that we are not going to call it a coup.

It was a coup.

That is the argument of john mccain and other people.

They have turned against the policy.

Like the ministration has come out and basically said that this is for the egyptian people to solve.

We cannot solve it for them.

They have said outright that the u.s. cannot solve the problem but we still want to keep our hand in it, influence the course, hopefully returning to democracy.

On the streets of new york, i was at penn station and butter swarm or from a -- and bought a schwalm -- this is reaching into the streets.

It is a tragedy.

We do not want it to be read -- worse.

A growing al qaeda presence in syria and elsewhere in the region.

That is right.

We had a really interesting conversation that i participated in with the iraqi foreign minister.

Iraq is open to having u.s. cooperations in iraq because they feel the problem has been such a big thing for thing -- thing for them.

Give me a quick assessment of seven months of john kerry.

How is he doing?

He has been pretty single- minded about wanting to get this mideast peace thing on track.

We can give him track -- credit.

We do not know where they are going to go.

One thing he has accomplished is getting both sides to shut their mouths and not leak what is going on.

That suggests there is something real beneath it.

He is earnest.

He is trying to do it.

He has had missteps.

It has been a mixed bag.

He is very earnest about diplomacy.

Speaking of it, the attorney general is energized.

It seems that way.

A department that has had a bunker mentality feels they are on the offense.

They feel good about what they have been able to do the last couple of weeks.

They sued texas on voting rights.

Prisons, trying to reduce costs in the present population.

A feel they are in a good spot to move forward as opposed to just afflicting outrage.

Risen overpopulation and sentencing.

-- prison overpopulation and sentencing.

It is clearly a big problem.

It looks like it has bipartisan support.

It is a coalition of people that get together that generally hate one another.

Rand paul, saying he is a supporter of the administration.

It is conservative republicans, liberal democrats.

Two primary issues he.

Overpopulation and a morality issue.

A fiscal issue.

This is exploding costs and killing state budgets.

States are leading the way on this.

They are trying to work with red states.

How about voting rights?

Does it hold her face a huge uphill challenge in taking on those?

He does.

This is energized their voting section.

What he is done is made a constant effort to move resources and lawyers into the aspects for the voting rights act that had been maintained.

He has sued texas a couple of weeks ago.

You have seen what they have done in north carolina.

More restrictive voting laws.

He my work harder and be more active because they do not have the reduction of the voting rights act.

The justice department the last minute intervene to challenge the american airlines u.s. airlines air merger.

Is that going to kill the merger?

Does it mark the beginning of a more aggressive antitrust policy?

There is a couple of schools of thought here.

The assistant attorney general has said that we clearly thinks this needs to be stopped.

We're are not doing this to negotiate.

That said, he's made it clear the doors open.

They do not have a plan in place.

They are welcome to hear the ideas.

Lawyers from both companies say they feel like they are optimistic it can still happen.

This beginning of a back-and- forth.

More aggressive antitrust?


A greater protection -- a great quotation in washington.

. in the month since he's been the position, they have knocked off and gone after apple.


we have aggressive reporters.

Thank you for being with us.

What is next for president obama?

And, debating hillary clinton's claims of inequality.

Welcome back.

We will turn to margaret carlson in a moment.

Julianna goldman joins us to talk about what is ahead for president obama.

Let's look at the past week.

Was it a peaceful week?

We talk about the august surprise.

The president got a few surprises.

Egypt, and the security revelations.

The president of the united states has downtime, but he can never take time off from being president.

He learned the hard way in 2009. they couldn't risk that kind of perception problem again.

The nsa thing was an embarrassment.

They clearly violated more privacy of americans than even the president went on.

It looks bad.

The president came out and said i know that i have in using the trust argument.

But i have come around and said it is now longer a matter of me trusting the program, but the public dialogue so the public has more trust.

Now it has come out that people privacy rights were piloted and the rogues were not being run efficiently.

The identity nsa was confusing the country code of egypt with the area code of washington dc.

What did the president know?

That confuses me.

What did he mean?

They cannot get ahead of the story.

It always seems to get ahead of them.

Lex i think they tried to get ahead of it last week.

If you look past the president word, he indicated he might have had a sense of this.

He took a look at the program and so that some bolts needed to be tightened up.

Some programs needed additional oversight and reforms.

It is going to continue to raise questions.

I do not think there are any buses on the vineyard, but the president is going to hit the trailways when he gets back.

That is right.

He is getting back on the bus.

The white house says that they will talk about his proposal for higher education and reducing college cost for students.

This isn't about a legislative agenda.

It is about teeing up the budget crisis in the fall.

Would off to risk a shut down over budget issues.

There are other issues we should invest in.

It is a prelude to fierce battles this fall.

Let me turn tomorrow -- margaret.

Hillary clinton said that anyone who claims that racial discrimination doesn't adversely affect latinos and african- americans isn't paying attention.

Issue right question like she is right.

She chose this subject as her maiden speech coming out and will be her run for the presidency.

This is a scourge on democracy.

How uneven the access to voting yes.

-- how on even the access to voting is.

Who gets to rest, there is a host of them.

All of this is the backdrop of republicans saying there is a symptom of fraud voter who has come to the polls, yet they do not come up with these voters who are falsely claiming identity and trying to vote.

This is not -- we do not have chicago anymore.

Voting fraud is a bogus issue isn't it?

No, it is not.

It is a serious issue in certain parts of the country.

It is something these days are trying to address.

Coming back to hillary clinton's speech, is a 2016 already?

It is clear she is trying to speak to a democratic audience to raise an issue.

To raise jim crow again.

This is hysterics that speak only to a presidential campaign.

I was in north carolina this week, and the voter law enacted down there seems clearly targeted to african-americans.

All of the provisions is proportionally benefit african- americans.

A couple of things about the north carolina law, and what it does is it brings forth caroline in line with the top 30 other states that require some form of government issued id to vote.

It's is a commonsense idea.

I think that this is a commonsense reform.

I see that christ i do turn into a campaign issue.

It is common sense.

He did not have instances of voter fraud.

He changed the subject.

There is such inequality.

There is one district said there are nine -- 9000 people going to a voting place with 35,000 parking spaces, and at the universities, state issued id is not enough.

They're trying to eliminate students.

There are and what he's being imposed -- there are inequities being imposed.

I think you are right.

-- seem to know every county chairman in america.

A huge slab of beef and a big baked potato.

Once at the wayfarer hotel, he barely got up in time for a 7:00 press conference.

He asked the best questions.

He died this week 85 years old.

Jack term on would be the babe ruth.

Thank you for joining us.

We will see you next week.

Political capital is a production of bloomberg television.

To win the u.s. open, you have to be not only a great tennis player.

The u.s. open has become new york's signature sporting event.

It is new york and its size, new york and its energy.

It is assumed to be one of the greatest sporting events in the world.

We're doing a 14 -- 40,000 people during the day.

25,000 people in the evening.

Every single day, 14 straight days.

For those two weeks, this is new york we are offering to the world.

We can do anything and everything you want.

That was the feeling.

Given what a great sports it is, there is only one major sporting event played annually in new york city.

Having grown up, you do not think about that.

It hit me like a sledgehammer.

You can count on the nba championship.

You can count on it every year.


A look inside the 2013 u.s. open.

From the grass courts , to the open era of arthur ashe stadium, there is always been a timeless tradition of championship tennis in new york city.

We will take a look into the evolution of the u.s. open.

The classic matches in the history, and preparation for this year's championship.

We are getting ready for the biggest event of the year.

Well, to inside the u.s. open.

Rotc by mercedes-benz -- brought to you by mercedes-benz.

The u.s. open had a great run.

It was more of an elegant venue.

You walk across the grass.

It was different from the concrete jungle.

The truth is, having the u.s. open in a private club wasn't the right thing.

The move opened to the public, it is symbolic of what tennis ought to be.

It was the right thing to do.

I always felt it was wise to move to the west side tennis club.

It's not large enough we look at the size.

There was a lot of skepticism.

Tennis always -- tennis doesn't always do change so well.

It was the best thing that could have happened.

We changed to a democratic service.

They have 18,000 seat stadium.

A 5000 seat stadium.

There was a need for a 20,000 seat stadium.

John mcenroe and i would look at this vast upper deck and go why do they never fill this?

How wrong have we been?

It was a different vibe.

It is the world's largest tennis stadium anywhere.

Sports fan started to come there who could get emotionally tied with guys.

The energy you feel in that space, it is what you expect.

People love to come.

They are there for the tennis, the energy.

Now, you cannot imagine it being held anywhere else.

Every grand slam is different.

The u.s. open is all about new york.

The songs that haven't written about the city, you can make it anywhere.

It is so true.

People come here to experience the fast-paced nature of how new york operates.

The empire state building, the biggest facility in the world.

It is all about rowdiness, electricity.

It is what tennis was meant to be.

We are the last grand slam of the year.

The players love coming to new york city.

I know they brought out the best in me.

To win, you have to be not only great tennis players, you have to beat new york.

All bets are off.

There is yelling.

Night matches are the signature.

They have made it stand out.

Other places have not matches.

You can feel it when you watch it on television.

You can experience it when you were there.

It is a real important thing to the city.

Few people are aware of what the city -- the city did not pay for the stadium.

The usda did -- the usta did.

It creates more for the city than the next -- combined.

The reason that the numbers are so great is that people who come to the u.s. open come from all over the world.

They eat in our restaurants.

They stayed our hotels.

People say that money to come to the u.s. open for their one vacation of the year.

That is good to be team to the $750 million number.

It continues to grow every year.

The u.s. open hasn't played in two different settings, three different surfaces.

It is produced -- it has created historic matches.

Our member watching arthur ash when.

To have an african-american win that, having him bring his father onto the court after the match, it got me excited.

It was a seminal moment not only for me, but for tennis in the united states.

We've seen the largest stating in the united states named for him, and to see venus williams and serena williams play and win on that court.

Arthur is smiling at that.

One match iron member, they decided to move the women's final to prime time so we have a saturday night event.

A series extravaganza.

To see the two of them playing on this primetime show.

Venus beating serena.

It was a high point for u.s. tennis.

The greatest i've seen , 2001. these two great clients -- lions, this great rivalry.

As the tie-break started, they gave them a cyber -- standing ovation before it started.

I've never seen that happen anywhere else in any other time.

I come off reconstructive wrist surgery.

I didn't know what to expect.

To see that i played, patrick mcenroe.

The buzz, the excitement around the match.

It was exciting.

I was down two sets.

I didn't feel like i was in it.

It would have been easy to walk away.

To say that was good, move on.

I ended up winning that game.

Whether it is the aging player, time for him to go.

That crowd didn't realize what they were able to do for me.

Getting to the semis was a run.

Jim courier ended up beating me.

The run that i had to get there, the excitement i had about the game, even after so many gains -- so many years, i know that to the new york crowd.

Inside, the u.s. open with jonathan tisch.

Welcome back.

The u.s. open has always been a much -- a new york event.

I sat down with patrick mcenroe to get a inside look into the greatest tennis tournament.

You and your family grow up not far from here.

I am sure you have memories of this as the home of the u.s. open.

Ire member trying to sneak in the back fence.

It was pretty easy to do.

It is ethical now -- it is more difficult now.

Ira member going to forest hills.

People would let you park on their lawn, next to the facility.

It was so much quieter in a way.

-- quainter in a way.

When you think about how it used to be, and you see the huge stadium, and watch professional tennis has become, it has made the -- it shows the growth of the sport professionally.

1998 was the first year here.

Do you member the early years?

Iron are back in the days -- i reamer back in the days when the configurations used to be literally right next to the hamburger stand.

He would get the smell emanating onto the court.

It may be open what it is.

It is the late-night.

Certainly, the u.s. open is the first major event to make night tennis a staple.

Obviously no one does a big event like new york.

What are your favorite memories?

Your brother, one of the most memorable matches ever.

Obviously that year, he had come off as losing the epic wimbledon.

To come back and beat him, he had phenomenal shots.

It was like this look on his face, i cannot beat this guy.

He had never won a u.s. open.

You member the biggest names in history.

You are involved in trying to ensure there is a type line of future players.

There is way more competition now than there was in the 70s. that is becoming more but challenge for us.

It takes a village to create a child.

It creates -- it takes a village to create a champion.

Would you encourage your daughters to take that journey?

I would encourage any child to do what they are passionate about.

I think it is a great thing to try.

To have any early handicapping of who we will see in the later rounds of this year?

I hope we see quite a few americans.

We will certainly see sabrina -- serena.

In the main, there are four guys that continue to be at the top.

They have been dominant.

Many people always focus on various elements of the game.

One of which are the young ladies and the young man who are [indiscernible] some not so young.

You have had that job.

What is that like?

Probably my favorite memory was when we beat wendell.

I was probably 16 at the time.

He said, make sure you give me a good one.

It was a great experience.

The unsung heroes.

I came from massachusetts.

I am from new jersey.

I'm from long island.

My wife introduced me to the game.

As we watch the match, she would say you would be a great ballplayer.

They are hiring for ball catchers.

There is a lot of competition.

I am not intimidated.

Hopefully this year i'll make it to the next level.

Get the ball off the court quickly.

I'm the director of the u.s. open.

Today, i am hoping to see 500 individuals.

We need to internet -- we need up to 200 individuals for a callback.

I guess for people do not realize is that it does take a tremendous amount of athleticism to be out there.

It is hot.

You have to be focused.

Where the points are.

There could be a tiebreaker.

Stay focused.

We need you to be a part of the team.

That helps determine whether we will choose you are not.

I love that we develop youth, and have a positive affect on what they do with their lives.

It gives the competence on my throwing.

Want someone is a ball person and realizes how hard their job is, and how well they do it, you do not want to play anymore.

That is incredible.

Inside the u.s. open with jonathan tisch.

Mercedes-benz, the best or nothing.

And in and the city is reflected.

Fellow countrymen.

I love her energy.

I do not know anything about tennis.

Welcome back.

I am jonathan tisch with an exclusive look at the final major of the tennis season.

We had 65,000 people work the event each year.

They take off weeks from their job to work the u.s. open.

It feels like a vacation for them.

To the people on the inside, we recognize we chuckle at each other and say we are already behind schedule for the next two.

Changes have to be made every year regardless of the success of the event.

Over the years, they've expanded the grounds, improving access.

Making everything more comfortable.

The usta will make it a bigger event than it has been in the past.

We are using to spend $500 million over the next 5-7 years.

50 years old stadiums, rebuilding those to be better.

A cover on the core is a necessity for sponsors and players, and for television.

It has to happen.

We have been looking to put a roof over.

We have a fair amount of rain.

We are working hard to answer to a difficult technological and architectural problem.

It cannot support much weight on it.

You cannot just drop a roof on it.

We would like to think that technology is changing in such a way that we should be able to introduce a roof and the lifetime of the stadium.

There are storylines going in.

Andy murray, a defending champion.

Can he keep building on this success?

Does he continue the climb to the top?

My all-time favorite.

He would win this thing, and the celebrities and fans would come and watch the worker in his workshop working his magic.

Now there is a nostalgia.

Can you fire one up, and play well at this turn where he used to dominate?

I'm thing ever tiring of other activities, and coaching.

I like the stories of [indiscernible] he certainly struggle on the grass.

How will he handle the game response?

I expect great things from serena.

She won -- she has a great attitude.

She is become an absolutely beloved figure.

Keep an eye on me in the stands.

If i tugged at my cap, i will tell her.

What that has been done for the city of new york -- we were concerned with founding the city.

We were concerned about losing the united nations.

It is not written anywhere that it has to be in this country, much less in new york city.

We were concerned about using the u.s. open.

There was a discussion of the places of atlanta.

It couldn't possibly be any place else then right here.

We recognize it though.

He was involved in negotiating and other lease.

Bloomberg says it is the best deal on the nation.

Not only is it a good lease for tennis, but a great lease for the city of new york.

This incredible economic engine will stay in your for the foreseeable future.

The u.s. open has a special place to go.

Like the saint patty's day parade.

The last week of august, every year a championship sporting event.

It is a part of the fabric of new york.

The next day, i started preparing for the u.s. open once again.

That is what it meant to me.

You don't really make it in tennis until you make in new york.

Thank you for joining us as we explore the biggest stage in american tennis.

This is been our look inside the u.s. open.

. .

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