Nokia's Elop Might Not Do Windows

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Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Erik Schatzker reports on today's top tech headlines on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Time now for some bloomberg west top headlines.

But sticky look at disney.

The shares have been up and down.

The company posted a rare drop in profit.

One reason, higher programming costs for football and baseball.

The man who is going to try and turned him blackberry will pay back his value.

The new executive chairman will be paid $3 million in salary and restricted stocks valued at $85 million.

Stephen elop is considering whether to drop the strategy to drive demand for a windows operating system.

Instead, he would push for office software programs to be made available for smart phones and tablets.

He is one of the big candidates for steve ballmer's job.

In the race for subscribers,

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