Nokia Releases Lumia 2520 Windows 8 Tablet

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on Nokia's new tablet. (Source: Bloomberg)

0-6, the worst start in 37 years.

It has been painful.

In tech, nokia wants in.

They released the lumia2520 running on windows software.

$499 before taxes.

Here is stephen a lot -- steven elop.

We are pleased that we have been able to add products that tackle specific problems.

Take the lumia 2520. it took special engineering to bring the same design that you see in our lumia smartphones.

We wanted to make sure we had the right operating system when it was ready to launch for our consumers.

When you have two independent companies, there are natural friction.

We talk a lot about nokia and lumia, microsoft talks about microsoft and windows phone.

You get a cacophony of different brands.

You will see us simplify those brands.

You will see engineers from both companies working directly together on every intimate detail of the product.

When you are two companies, you have to be more cautious about that.

We think we can take out a lot of the natural friction and accelerate the product making.

The operator community is very excited about the microsoft transaction with nokia and the work we are doing around windows phone.

They are looking on behalf of their consumers for more choice in stores.

In addition to the strong players in that market, they want to strike a balance with a third ecosystem.

What we have to do is build on momentum.

The more devices that are being sold each quarter, the more people to talk about those devices to their friends -- amongst people who by the lumia devices, they are pleased with their experience.

We need more and more of those people.

As we introduce more products and keep holding momentum and adding applications, you will see more and more people

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