Nokia Promotes Rajeev Suri to Lead as New CEO

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April 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports that Nokia has chosen Rajeev Suri as the company’s new CEO on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Not much of a surprise.

He had nokia network.

That is part of the sales.

The dominant force in the company.

They had it for four years.

Just over 20 years.

Knows the business inside out and needs to.

They need to turn it around.

Nokia it used to be a 300 billion euro company.

It is now 19 billion, in terms of market capitalization.

It seems that they want to return money to investors.

What will they do with the money they are getting for the microsoft sale?

They sold the phone unit to microsoft and they agreed to that back in september.

The money is coming their way.

3 billion euros goes to shareholders.

They are looking to cut debt and want to get back to investment.

They are reducing the debt.

There is focus as to where the company is going in the future.

They said they want to be important and a leader in technology for the connected world.

They want to be integral to using the smartphone and accessing data.

They are building the equipment.

That is the glut of their work.

They want to be in maps and technology.


Let's talk about phones.

The sexy part of the business.

Profit is up and is better than analysts had been forecasting because think of what they do.

They do not just do galaxy devices.

They also do cheaper phones and that is where they managed to dominate because they are getting market share in india and china.

They have sold 130 million tablets and smartphone devices in the third quarter alone.

They are really able to just manage to take on the competition.

Whether it is the cheaper end or the higher end.

It is television's and chips.

They sell more powerful and cheaper ones to india.

It bodes well in terms of televisions.

In the second quarter, they hope that the world cup might get a

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