Nokia Offers Android Phones Ahead of Microsoft Deal

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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Emily Chang reports on today's top headlines on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg West.”


Nokia going to launch a new android phone before the deal to sell to microsoft closes.

People familiar with the matter say they will offer low end phones where windows phones are often too expensive.

The official announcement will come in spain later this month.

Prince showing signs of improvement after the nation's third nations -- sprint showing signs of improvement.

The loss narrowed to just over one billion dollars.

Sprint lost 69,000 monthly subscribers in the quarter.

Charter communications upping the stakes in the takeover fight with time warner cable, nominating a full slate of 13 candidates to the board.

All 13 board members are up for election in the spring, giving the opportunity to take over completely.

The ceo says his company will not be pressured into accepting what he calls the lowball offer.

The income inequality debate has moved north.

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