Nokia Clearly Missed Smartphone Revolution: Rolston

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Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Mark Rolston, chief creative officer at Frog Design examines the design challenges at Nokia and Microsoft and whether wearable technology is the next big thing in technology or if something else is waiting in the wings. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Collects the polls watch checks your pulse run.

I can always use another -- the pulse watch checks your pulse.

I can always use another watch.

Wechsler look no further than your wrists if you want to take control -- look no further than your wrists if you want to take control of your tv or vcr.

Who would have thunk?

Staying with innovation, i want to bring in the chief creative officer behind frog design.

We use their products from high- tech ovens to airline ticket desks.

In company news is microsoft, a client of mark's. before we get into talking about google glass and smart watches, from a design point of view, microsoft, -- the microsoft nokia acquisition, where do you think the two companies went wrong and how can they go right?

Collects -- nokia easily missed the smartphone revolution.

They were early.

They had a phone well before the iphone.

They had settled on some fairly old technology and did not realize -- i think they got caught and didn't realize that it was about software, not hardware.

Spot on.

What about microsoft?

How would you rate their design?

Collects they have a lot of really good designers.

You have to recognize that inside that very large shop there are a lot of really talented people.

The leadership of microsoft has not really supported the kind of innovation, the kind of risk- taking that a lot of other companies have supported over the last few years.

Maybe a new leader will change that.

How so?

Bomber has gone on the record quite a few times, dismissing -- balmer has gone on record quite a few times dismissing the iphone and ipad.

He was caught flat-footed.

A lot of companies, when they are supporting a product that has been very successful for them -- in this case, microsoft supporting windows and microsoft office.

They tend to take on attitudes that dismiss anything that might upset that success rate indicates microsoft, a lot of these technologies -- upset that success.

In the case of microsoft, a lot of these technologies -- collects we hear the big corporation and big bureaucracies, that hinder them in some way.

I want to talk more broadly.

Samsung is humming out with a smart watch.

We have heard so many things about your wrists being the next place companies want.

What is going to be the next design?

Collects the way we see it, he have come to an end of an era in this dedicated general-purpose computer.

Originally the pc and the laptop, a little bit more mobile.

You now have the mobile phone, which is entirely mobile.

It is a general-purpose computer that takes a lot of overhead.

There is a ton of general- purpose, very small gaps in our lives that can be closed that a smart phone is too much overhead, too much effort to close efficiently.

Things like security and payments, it is like mobile health.

Those things are suitable for wearable technologies.

It can be a means to get in and out of doors relook at with disney just released.

You can wear a wristband basically.

As you move around the park, this lets them will -- let them understand where you are.

The character can actually know your name.

You use this wristband to get in and out of various gates.

You can pay for your meals with it.

Collect cc that more broadly than.

-- you see that more broadly than.

You work for so many tech companies.

Could you think is most innovative in design out there?

Is it apple?

Who is it.

Apple is an extremely innovative company.

They are like microsoft, coming to the point where they are protecting the past more than taking risks with the future.

Right now the market is moving to a lot of startups, a lot of tiny companies.

No significant names on the horizon, just hundreds of small risktakers.

Things like kickstart or have changed the scenario for where the most interesting new ideas come from.

I don't think it is watching someone like samsung or apple.

It is watching the boards and kickstart her.

I do think the success goes to the larger companies that gobble up those little inventions and end up pushing them.

Thank you for joining us.

I have to cut away to some breaking news.

Cory johnson, our bloomberg west editor at large just got off the phone at a conference call that microsoft held on to the acquisition.

The nokia conference call concluded -- these are conference calls with investors.

Frankly, the machine that steve ballmer was trying not to say about, he did not say what is going on.

Some of the details with this looming phone business, they think they're going to take profits away and that they were helping to create the software but then giving to nokia.

80% of microsoft phones are made by nokia.

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