What Does It Take to Win Nobel Prize in Economics?

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October 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Scarlet Flu reports the “The Single Best Chart” of Nobel Prizes in economics. (Source: Bloomberg)

It is great.

It is like old-style ace ball.

I am worried about detroit's pitching.

I am really worried about this.

While you worry about this, let's look ahead to the next hour.

The nobel prize in economics that comes out of the top of the hour.

This chart asked does an affiliation with the university of chicago guarantee you a nobel prize in economics?

Does not hurt.

The university of chicago takes 10. i was checking because of late, most recently nobel prizes have been leaning towards the left a little bit.

The university of chicago affiliation that one last was roger myers.

Other than professor krugman winning from princeton, i would say they have been very obscure.

I do not predict names ever, even over cocktails, but i will say that this is a year to go mainstream.

He did some work.

The one that that would make happy is john snow, the former treasury of the secretary.

A virginia school.

Leans to the right.

I would not agree.

Any talk of bob schiller?

That will be discussed.

Not only bob schiller but others as well.

We could talk about contenders all day long.

Coming up, talking about the

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