No to NYC: Major Companies Moving to Smaller Cities

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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Miller reports on companies packing up and moving to the suburbs. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Impossible to drive around, and i decided to move out to the suburbs, and i'm very happy i did.

A lot of companies have made similar decisions.

A lot of big companies already are in secondary cities, or in what we root for to new york as flyover country.

Microsoft way up there in redmond, washington, and has been there forever.

The same is true of make of america, dow and charlotte.

There was a lot of talk about whether they would move their headquarters you to new york, and they did not.

A lot of those executives are pretty happy about that decision.

They do have companies that are kind of moving out or growing big out in their secondary offices.

Goldman sachs biggest growing office is on salt lake city, utah, which is a fantastic place to live if you love to ski.

There are a lot of cities in america that are growing because of a trend which we would call x organization -- ex-u rbanization.

Denver is one of those vague moving cities -- big, booming cities i'm a the houses are much more affordable, as you would expect.

There is a very diverse talent pool out there.

It is not the same type of go go, dog eat dog city people.

They have a vibrant cultural scene in denver.

A comparison of home prices, you can see what you could buy for $1 million here in new york, compared to what you can buy in denver is a lot different.

Here in new york you are looking for $515,000, in central america that is a lot of money.

You can get a two bedroom apartment in new york, but it is very unlikely.

In san francisco, you could get a hail that a house -- you could get a house, but for that you would get five bedrooms, five bathrooms, in the event or -- in denver.

Thank you.

My guest -- my next guest would say bring it on.

Demand for expensive, big apple real estate is still there, and stock.


new york joining me.

A collection of condos, townhomes, and -- all in downtown manhattan.

You cannot even move into that until late 2015? it is a few months away,

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