Is JPMorgan the Bullseye for Populist Ire?

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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Langer Research Associates Founder and President Gary Langer discusses JPMorgan's fines and penalties on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Pound of flesh and i will get it from jpmorgan.

I saw at school drop off yesterday she is not getting fined $2 billion right now.

Jpmorgan is.

A few years ago, 23% of americans saw the made off case as isolated.

Instead, a majority, more than six in 10, saw this as common among financial advisers and institutions.

That shows the extent the public feels toward financial institutions.

Many americans see that case as an example of unfair and improper activity in financial.

Which is why going after jpmorgan is political.

One would say, why did jpmorgan not notice.

In the same breath, why did his son not notice or his wife or the internal accounts not notice?

I struggle with saying only jpmorgan should've known.

It is not just about made off or jpmorgan.

It lingers from the financial crisis we just emerged from.

Six in 10 americans do not think they financial institutions have yet taken adequate steps to prevent another meltdown and there is broad concern.

It is like what you said with the airlines.

People in her lap -- interact with banks in a way they do not with other companies.

We also have a bailout of the banks they interact with.

Less than a year later, all the bank executives are making millions of dollars.

Ge'ceo makes as much but he does not get criticized for it.

What you just said is a really good point.

There is a personal interaction with your bank.

In a way that is unique.

With ge, you're not an trusting the company with your life savings or intimate details of how you spend your money.

You are with your bank.

Lie is nobody matt at fannie and freddie e it is too complex.

People do not understand.

You have experience with a bank.

You go to a bank.

You transact with a bank and you get unhappy with bank fees and then you look in the paper and see how your bank is pleading

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