No One But IMAX Can Be IMAX in China: Gelfond

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson reports the expansion of IMAX into China and confidence of CEO Richard Gelfond with the move. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Lunch Money.” (Source: Bloomberg)

And the big screen experience is also part of the action.

Imax announced it will add 30 movie screens in china, and five in south korea.

The ceo is in a lot higher, especially in china.

We have a relationship with the major directors and studios in hollywood.

Many of the studios in china, and we have a network, which is about 118 theaters right now.

When we build it out, it will be about 270 theaters.

There are people trying to get into our business, but the closest competitor has something like 12 screens.

I don't think they're doing what we're doing, but they're trying to create a bit of a premium.

But no one but imax can really be imax.

You mentioned two hundred 75 screens.

Some have estimated that china is a market that could have 400 such screens.

Do you see imax having up to two-thirds of the market, would you say, once the full bill out has happened in china?

I think that the estimates for four hundred 50 screens is our estimate.

That is how many we will get in china.

We will achieve that level.

How the country grows is not a major concern to me.

We do not just but at china, but we are in 54 countries.

We have 55 films on a worldwide basis.

Our brand is recognizable to consumers everywhere.

A less premier product is not really the way we look at the world.

That was richard gelfand speaking to jon ehrlichman yesterday.

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