Ten-Year-Old Invents Solution for Spilled Milk

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May 9 (Bloomberg) –- EZ Moo Inventor Jessica Holte and GE Global Research Lead Engineer Todd Wetzel discuss cool inventions by kids. They speak with Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)


First of all, congratulations.

A girl from idaho making her way to the big city at age 10. show us your invention, little mama.

This is my easy moo milk dispenser, to make anyone who wants an easier way to get milk.

It is pretty simple.

All you have to do is -- try it out.

We have a special nozzle you put on the milk carton.

Then all you do is flip it over and set it on this base.

So this is in your refrigerator just like this?


Here we go.

Moomoo it is working.

What gave you this idea?

One day i was trying to pour myself a glass of milk and i missed the glass because the milk jug was too full.

I just thought that there has to be a better way to get milk out of a job without spilling it.


How did you discover our number one girl?

I had a lot of submissions sent into the jimmy fallon show.

Jessica is so personable and her invention is amazing, so was easy to pick her up.

What is your next big plan?

This is clearly a huge success.

What is next, oj?

I'm not sure, but we haven't patented this yet.

We're going to take a $5,000 we got last night and get a patent for it.


Have any companies reached out to you?

Any dairies and otto singh, girl, -- in idaho that says, girl, we want to partner with you?

Not yet, but we are pretty into getting our product marketed.

So many other kids in america have good ideas, they need them to come to light?

We need a lot more.

There are plenty of kids that are curious.

That is why kids are.

At ge, we know we need more and more inventors, more and more workers who understand science, technology, and invention.

It is awesome we can partner with jimmy fallon to take great kids like jessica and give them a little attention.

How to jimmy fallon get involved with this?

Ge and jimmy fallon got together to try to put together some kind of segment to bring attention to stem fields, science, technology, engineering and math.

They came up with these ideas to go and find out -- find kid inventors.

How many winners were there?

There were three.

How many were girls?

One of them last night.

Another segment earlier, two of the three were girls.

Do you want to be an inventor?

What is your favorite subject in school?

I really like history and art.

It is very inspiring, learning about the history and how they got all their architecture, all their art.

It is inspiring.

And for ge, is there a next step?

Clearly, this is a contest, but is there business case here for you?

Is there something you can build out of this?

We're not doing this to get new products for ge, but just feeling a great pipeline of inventors for our future.

I'm still going to be hiring engineers for researchers when jessica comes out of school.

I need a lot of great kids like jessica to be ready to help us indent the next great engine or refrigerator.

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