No Distinction Between Crimea, Russia: Amoroso

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May 7 (Bloomberg) -- Anastasia Amoroso, global market strategist at JPMorgan Funds, talks with Tom Keene about Ukraine’s relationship to Russia on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Summered in crimea.

State the cultural attachment between the people of eastern ukraine and crimea with russia.

Your personal experience of how that geography is attached to russia.

The trouble with eastern ukraine and crimea and having that association with russia is that, for the longest time, crimea was a part of russia.

Even more importantly, the perception under the soviet union was that there was no distinction.

There is really no borders that are hard and fast.

When we used to travel to crimea, it was as easy as going to russia and it was considered in my family's mind to be a part of russia.

How do you respond when we hear propaganda, for lack of a better word, that the culture and tensions of the moment back to world war ii.

You grew up with the umbrella of grandparents who experienced the horror of the battles of world war ii.

How did that fold into the cultural dialogue now?

I think it is such a difficult situation.

The biggest parallel i see is we have to shift away from this cold war dialogue.

There is a great divide.

There is a great distinction between what the u.s. wants to accomplish and what rush is trying to accomplish and the divide needs to be bridged.

The way to do that is by acknowledging both countries national interests.

One of the interests for russia like it is for the united states is to make sure there is not an encroachment of russia onto the rest of eastern ukraine or the rest of eastern europe.

There's also the desire of russia to ensure that there's no encroachment of nato onto the territory and ukraine serves as an important buffer.

I think that's a critical dialogue.

Thank you for that direct perspective on russia and crimea.

I want to get her perspective

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