No Deal in Sight as Shutdown Continues

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Oct. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Peter Cook, Megan Hughes and Phil Mattingly update the latest news on the U.S. government shutdown. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

For congress and the president today.

What is the latest from capitol hill?

No signs of progress, publicly or privately.

We have got republicans digging in their heels, democrats digging in their heels.

No signs of compromise.

House democrats are trying to use a procedural maneuver to force the house of representatives to consider a clean spending bill, what the president wants.

They need to hundred 18 people to sign up for this discharge position.

Some republicans will have to join forces with democrats, moderate republicans.

It is a longshot shot, but congressman chris van hollen says it is worth it will stop we could do it in the next five minutes if the speaker would allow a vote.

This is an opportunity for republicans who claim they want to vote on a clean cr to keep the government open to actually put their signature where their statements are.

There are some moderate republicans who have balked john boehner and urged him to try to throw in the towel and fight another day, get rid of the shutdown.

But there is no indication they are going to vote with democrats on this measure.

John boehner, very angry at his own reporters, and for the white house suggesting they are waiting out the shutdown, because they think they are winning politically.

What is this i am hearing about president obama being out to lunch?

Actually literally today.

White house staff said, we are going to walk a couple of blocks.

The president and vice president walked into a local sandwich shop, a favorite of the white house.

The message is still the same.

This is what john boehner said today.

I said i am happy to have negotiations with the republicans on a range of issues.

What we cannot do it with a gun held to the head of the american people.

Reopen the government.

Make sure we are paying our bills.

Basic functions the congress has.

That is really at the crux of this argument right now.

Speaker boehner wants to negotiate.

The president will not move off its position.

It has already cost the white house a scheduled trip to asia.

We will see what more it costs both sides as they move into the weekend.

It normally would be jobs day.

We obviously did not get that data.

The the jobs report, just a small slice of all of the government data that is on hold to cause of the shutdown.

Another example -- the agriculture department have halted daily pricing information for agricultural products.

That caused the chicago mercantile exchange group, the biggest futures exchange operator, to suspend publishing prices.

That means in the business world, the pig cellar in illinois who relies on those prices in selling to companies like tyson, smithfield foods, cardell -- they have no new data.

Those buyers are basing their prices on september 30 data.

What is usually a very volatile market is essentially frozen in time.

That is something else being impacted.

You had fared -- fed chairman ben going without the september jobs report.

All right, megan hughes.

We are going to take a quick

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