NJ Gov. Christie `Embarrassed’ by Traffic Scandal

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Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Trish Regan, Adam Johnson, Matt Miller, Alix Steel and Brendan Greeley wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We don't do that.

We do that here apparently.

I want to talk about capital expenditures.

Not just because it's going to be a record $2 trillion but because so goes cap backs so does ford.

They are boosting to $7.5 billion in microsoft is doubling theirs to $6.5 billion.

Guys, i cannot emphasize how important it off this is.

-- important this stuff is.


No one was thinking about those numbers.

At a six-month high.

As with the capital expenditures -- i wrote that column on how wife thinks 2014 will be the year of clarity.

One reason i cited is because it was more anecdotal.

You're starting to see sentiment change and they seem to be willing to put more money back to work.

Here's the evidence of it.

We were just showing a chart of capital expenditures.

Show them the chart that hamza or.

We don't have it but you cannot take our word for it.

As good as capital expenditures so goes stocks.

It's so important we are talking about it again.

I think the chamber of commerce got what it wanted out of washington.

They don't know what's going to happen in washington.

We got kind of a deal at the end of the year.

There's good indication that there will not be any more fights ahead of the in town -- before the midterm.

I think this also lets people know there will not be any catastrophes.

It's ok to start spending a little bit of money and it was a very clear thing they wanted.

They wanted stability.

These are amazing things that allow them to plan.

For example, they have been upping the capital expenditures by $1 billion because they're willing to make more investment to build newer vehicles for this all alumina f1 50 we will see at the detroit auto show.

Speaking of aluminum -- alcoa earnings just out.

Coming in a bit light.

Earnings a pretty solid beat.

That was pretty surprising coming in that five point $6 billion above the high-end of estimates.

What's interesting is when we were discussing alcoa earnings, the question remains is it still relevant.

We always looked at it as the beginning of earnings.

They got kicked out or nike.

It only makes about 8.5% of the world aluminum.

They really got destroyed.

All-around ball they've been trimming capacity in u.s., brazil, canada.

It is already a big beat for them.

It's still interesting because of the huge order that the lord -- that ford put in.

They delayed the new f1 50 because they needed so much aluminum.

Not as good as victoria's secret or the ford f1 50. there's another element of tradition.

We think about that.

We think about: and a lot of people probably don't realize.

They are getting kicked out of the dow.

With john legere getting kicked out.

How long did it take to script that encounter?

It was planned in advance?

He does so many wacky things that i have been forced to become the chief john legere correspondent.

Lucky you.

No shortage of material.

It works.

We have a haircut to rival chilton.

He wears a gold unicorn horn around a chain.

Prexy looking for a fight area jon erlichman spoke to him at ces talking about paying customers to leaving other carriers, that subsidy.

Unlike my normal behavior, this is for everyone, verizon, sprint and at&t. i generally enjoy doing things to cause pain for at&t. they asked him about being kicked out of the party.

I love macklemore.

I was surrounded by a sea of humanity that escorted me out.


I'm sure i would have done something different.

It was not a stunt?

No., i was prominently displayed in the new york post next to kim kardashian's photoshop selfie and eliot spitzer's sucking someone's toes in a bathtub.

I've arrived.

It's working.

T-mobile has done something that all carriers have been scared to do.

They are lowering the average revenue per user.

That's a really hard thing for a cell phone carrier to accept, getting less per month than they are so terrified to follow them that they are bribing them with $250 down on a device just to get them down to get them back into the at&t system.

What he's doing is actually very challenging.

That is what they did to grab market share.

It's what they've been doing and it's why they have margins of about 0.1%. what is with the balding guy wearing a gold chain with the unicorn horn?

Only 11-year-old kids love macklemore.

This is the most effective rebranding.

We've talked about them more in the last week.

They had catherine zeta jones, then they had the t- mobile girl.

They have the gold chain guide demographic.

He does a neat stuff.

He did not meet to get kicked out so we walked in wearing a pink t-mobile t-shirt?

[laughter] another eccentric character these days?

Chris christie looks good today.

His lost some weight.

A lot of people say that but i'm sorry.

He's still fat.

But he's lost some weight.

That's one good thing.

His office ordered the closure of lanes over the george washington bridge causing a traffic nightmare for days and possibly leading to the death of a 91-year-old woman who was not able to get into an ambulance and time when she had a heart attack.

All of this because he or his office was angry at the mayor for not endorsing him in his run for governor.

He said that he had no knowledge of his deputy chief of staff ordering the closure and he was very angry.

She ordered it in a text message that basically said, i think it's time for some traffic problem's. the guy who runs the bridge said, gotcha.

Clearly it was already set up.

You don't say that and then you shut down lanes.

Here's the thing.

That is a smoking gun but it was his chief of staff, not him.

Or deputy chief, whatever.

You could argue that he fired this person for doing something morally offensive and he comes out looking -- i don't know.

This the person you chose to be on your staff down there has to be some responsibility there because you are surrounding yourself with these people.

They are your employees.

The idea that you have someone who -- is that culture that will be under investigation.

They already ran another story about a completely different attentional bullying move.

We like him being a bully.

We like him been a bully on television but in private and abusing the power of the office?

These are things that it's ok to report on more aggressively because we have a reason to do it.

He's not just bullying the mayor.

He is bullying all of us.

Flak from the traffic that he creates, it's a bad move.

The only reason we are talking about this is because he's going to be a candidate and it's a long time until then.

It is the jeremiah wright problem in 2008. they definitely forget if they smoke a lot of weed.

In colorado, that's what they are doing.

Investors are trying to cash in on all of this action.

You are getting penny pot companies that are soaring on this news.

Some of them i know quite well because he was a subject of several chap there is in my book, "joint ventures, a look at the almost legal marijuana industry." he started a company called hemp and spending 200% in the last few days and he was a big drug smuggler back in the early 1980's. he went to jail for nine years after smuggling into this country about $1 billion worth of pot.

He was the kingpin on the west coast.

Anyway, you start this company and people are investing but it's a penny stock.

Is at the actual pot they sell or the accoutrement?

$400. tracks investors, beware.

Green grow and medical marijuana all trading for pennies and dimes and it's a wild ride.

Is medvox on the pink sheets?

I believe they are on the pink sheets as well.

And they released a statement to that effect today.

Buyer beware.

The guys in charge of these companies may have smuggled drugs.

They may put you out of the home

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