Nissan’s Electric Vehicle Ahead of Its Time: Parkin

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Feb. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Parkin, Head of Valuation and Analysis at Glass's, discusses Nissan earnings and the outlook for electric vehicles. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Emerging markets are difficult.

Will they get through this ok?

Alternately, yes, you are right and they made significant investments in emerging markets.

This is a great launch pad for them to get significant growth in the future.

They are not quite seeing that yet.

You are right.

The devaluation of the yen is happening.

The one thing -- the one thing that you would change right now is?

I spent a lot of money strengthening the model-range lineup.

The first model was great and they did not want to change its too much.

I think the electric vehicle could be ahead of its time and he could be a good one for the future.

The industry is looking to see how that performs over the next few years.

Remember that this industry has transformed cells from a manufacturer of dull and drab vehicles to what is considered to be one of the most fashionable lineups.

How does the united states deal of competition?

It is coming at a cost of their profit margins.

People have to have a high incentive to buy.

Is it too much?

It is an interesting question.

The u.s. market guest -- gas prices have stabilized.

The detroit makers are back in fashion.

That could change quickly.

Ultimately, they have a good product and it is a case of getting out there.

You are right that they are probably having to buy a market share.

What happens is that consumers make the switch and do not go back.

It may be the same going forward.

Electric cars may be ahead of their time.

The prius is doing well.

I cannot think of an electric car by nissan.

I know they are in the game.

Why do we not know that.

We are talking about it here a letter.

What you mentioned are hybrids and they are different.

Pure electrics are reliant on a battery technology.

In the minds of many consumers, that is unproven and the range is not fantastic and need for me around.

Just in -- in the premier round.

People are thinking about, am i going to run out on the motorized -- motorway?

The pure electrics may be the future.

At the moment, consumers do not entirely understand them and they are well-suited towards commercials.

People are trying them and seeing how they perform for the winter.

Again, to have significant advantages in that area.

They spent a lot time parked up.

What about the relationship with renault.

-- renault?

Should the very an absolute combination -- there be an absolute combination?

You can argue if that has worked or not.

If you take the u.k. market, just as an example, what they try to do is take some of the -- some of the other models that they have and repackage them as chrysler.

Would you have our products that do not match the perception of the brand and they have really struggled.

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