Nike vs. Under Armour: Sports Apparel Brand Battle

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June 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu and Sam Posen, research analyst at Stern, Agee & Leach, examine the stock performance and products of Nike and Under Armour. They speak in "On The Markets" on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." Swartzberg, his family and firm, do not own shares of Nike or Under Armour.

You're looking at nike and under armour.


What we see with nike across all categories, exceptionally basketball -- especially basketball, exceptional business.

Their marquee player shoes do well.

Lebron shoes, the jordan launch sold over 300 thousand pairs.

Michael jordan shoes still have an impact.

Are a much so.

A lot of the players play in them and the retro shoes do well as well.

This shoe in a daze did $44 million -- in a a's did $44 million in sales.

All of this exposure to nike-branded shoes, is it enough to push to the highest and we saw last year for nike?

I think so.

They are spending quite a bit against the world cup and other events and china has been on a slow turn, positive.

We think china has -- will turn the corner in the next couple of quarters and that is positive, and we think nike is going through the world cup, up through the olympics in 2016, building a crexendo and the retailers we have spoken to are extremely positive about the product we see in the future.

You like under armour as well, but there is a distinction between nike and under armour in terms of where they sell their products, their clothing, their gear, as nike is available in department stores and under armour is not.


Under armour is focusing more on athletes.

You find both brands in the athletic specialty and sporting goods channels, like and sports authority -- like dick's sporting goods and sports authority.

Under army does not play -- under armour does not play in jcpenney and so on.

Nike does have distribution.

Under armour is about 10%. nike has the scale, but our growth aspects better for under armour question mark you are a little more bullish on under armour than nike -- under armour?

You are more bullish on under armour than nike.

I believe they are.

You grew up on nike, but kids today want their own thing.

If you go to a tee ball game or kids soccer, it is under armour head to toe and i think that

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