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Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Mark Parker, chief executive officer of Nike, talks about the company's product innovation strategy and customer focus. He speaks with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Here you are, the ceo of nike.

Following 11 of the most legendary ceos.

They are often compared in leadership and design style.

What kind of awesome responsibility is that?

I very flattered with that comparison.

I love what i do.

This is an incredible company to be involved with sports.

This is a dream job.

I work with an incredible team.

The brands that are world- renowned, product and innovation which is really my epicenter.

I think the foundation of our success as a company, the innovation space and design.

It is a very natural thing for me in a sense as much as being a ceo is natural.

When you talk about innovation, you have 600 patents secured since 2012. i compare that to adidas that has 20, under armour, 24. the company i would compare it to is apple.

Do you consider yourself a technology company?

We are and innovation company.

Obviously innovation and design is at the epicenter of all we do.

Design has a seat at the table at the very top of the company.

One of the things is critical to make sure this line has that voice.

Which represents the voice of the athlete, the voice of the consumer.

I think designers and creative people are somewhat by definition.

. they are really observing what is going on around the world and translating those into an incredible innovation.

That is a huge number for me.

What should we look to?

Where it is nike want to go on the innovation front?

That is a big number.

Where do you see yourself going?

We will continue to push towards our potential.

I would always like to say that we focus on our potential and the distance between where we are and our potential.

That is where a leader should be.

As you focus on that space, you will create some incredible things.

What is at the center of it all is the voice of the athlete.

What about the voice of the everyday consumer?

Someone who does not have to witness in their life.

Look at the obesity problem.

It is massive.

We all look up to lebron james.

Are all of your consumers superstar athletes?

No, it is regular people.

We have an asterisk on the world athlete.

-- on the word athlete.

There's the potential to be an athlete in anyone.

We are focused on the athlete in every one of us.

Is that the idea behind the fuel band?

Is this an example of bringing access to technologies and to every day.

The people who want to see how they are doing.

How did that translate into how they can be more active and how they can reach their own potential.

Every athlete, every musician, every artists wants to be a brand.

How do you decide that this boy is going to be the next great soccer player?

We are going to put the full force of nike behind him.

It is clear that the consumer has more access to choice than ever before.

You have to stand out, to have something relevant and compelling.

That is what we want to do.

We are in the pure pursuit of innovation to help people realize their potential, no matter what level that be.

How do you know what athletes you want to get behind and stick with?

It comes down to the athletes i sport.

They have some influence on the work that we do and innovation.

There is personality, there is a certain flair that they might have, a passion that is become very obvious.

They all provide us with the insights that really drive what we are all about.

When you're talking about disruptive innovation, it makes me think of start up rants like an under armour.

This is similar to feel night.

And athlete was not happy with the product and created his own.

How much of a threat are these to your company?

Are you just so big and so bad and so great that nobody can touch us?

We are focused on our potential and where we are going and being a leader.

In a way, we are a whole combination of start ups.

We have a category offense.

We are organized by sports category.

If i tick you over to the golf division, you feel like you are in a golf company, you feel like you are in a golf company, to the running company, to the tennis company.

We really break our business down and we feel like a group of startups.

Even though we are a big established company that is a strong band around the world, we feel like we are just getting going.

Do you think that there are acquisitions that we want to make?

What is next as far as acquisition goes?

There is no acquisition on the immediate horizon.

We are looking at partnerships and collaborations that can enhance our ability to innovate.

There is plenty of opportunity within our business.

The categories we are doing business in today, the geographies that we are doing business in.

There is no shortage of opportunities with our core business.

Is there ever a risk you cannot be nimble?

There is always that risk.

We have a culture where we are incredibly self-critical.

I think that is an attribute, that is something that keeps us on our toes, it keeps us thinking about what we could do that would be better.

We don't get comfortable with our success.

We are looking for ways to make things better, even when we are successful.

When you sit down with the cfo and he says i need you to think about the bottom line and here we are in this building, you have endorsements from here to the other side of the world.

Do you ever think, maybe we don't need to have players players on madrid, barcelona, spain.

Maybe it is enough.

That relationship with the athletes and the teams and the coaches, the trainers.

That is really what drives innovation here at nike.

It that close relationship across that breadth and depth of athletes that really makes us who we are.

If you are not the ceo of nike, what would you be doing?

I would be designing.

I'm not sure what it would be.

My agenda is quite full here at 19. i am incredibly motivated and driven.

I work with some of the best people in the world, with one of the breast bands -- one of the best brands in the world.

Without mark parker, what will this look like?

We have an incredible leadership team.

We went through a leadership transition team.

We have one of the most competitive and aligned leadership teams certainly in our industry and really in any industry.

I am incredibly proud of the talent that we have, the depth that we have.

I don't think there will be an issue when it comes time for me to do something else.


Thank you so much.

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