Nielsen Will Track Mobile TV Viewing

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Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on Nielsen's plans to include mobile device viewing in their ratings reports. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is the early edition of "bloomberg west," i am emily chang.

In today's new hollywood, they will incorporate viewing on tablets and smartphones into their ratings.

The change will not take effect until next fall.

Our jon erlichman is back with that story.

It is a much needed change.

We have talked so much about how the tv viewing has changed, two tablets and phones.

The challenge for broadcasters is, say you have a fit so =-- hit show, they have to good advertisers and tell them that people are watching on their tablets and vote and it does not cut it.

We know people are not just watching this show on prime time, they will ddr programs, they will watch in the next couple of days.

As it stands right now, the measurement is for a few days after a show airs, but this is just a logical extension of that.

A longer stretch of time, and monitoring more devices, will really give you a group idea of how we people are watching a show.

Does this all go back to the nielsen ratings?

A lot of people have questioned whether they still should be viewed at industry-standard.

The thing about nielsen is that they have been doing this forever.

There is an ecosystem that has been built around what nielsen and the industry does overall.

Broadcasters and advertisers both understand the language that is nielsen, and the reason that is important is it helps people price adds to know " breaking bad" is doing really well, so this is what a 32nd spot will cost.

There are those that have been

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