Nielsen to Add Mobile Device Viewing to TV Ratings

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Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Edmund Lee reports on Nielsen adding mobile device viewing to TV ratings in 2014. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Edmund lee in new york.

It sounds like a big deal except it is not happening until next year.

Nielsen tends to do things in a slower fashion.

That tends to frustrate some of the partners.

Even the appetizers.

In all fairness, it takes a long time to make sure they get the numbers right.

-- even the advertisers.

They do ratings for tv and they do that using a panel.

They have a survey of people they look at day to day, week to week.

To convert that number with online is a bit tricky.

Given their legacy system, that is why it is going to take so long.

Who is likely to benefit from this data?

The programs.

Cbs, tnt.

More people are watching tv on their tablets and even their phones.

-- the programmers.

They are not being counted.

When we are tapping into our ipads to watch the shows, we are not thinking they are not counting these.

That is the problem.

By some estimates, almost 9% is not being counted because nielsen is not looking at the full online audience whether the computer or two tablets.

They are finally catching up.

That is why important.

The money they are losing out if the audience is not being counted him a they cannot advertise.

Who could this hurt?

I do not know if anybody hurts from this.

The count is more accurate, it is better for advertisers in the sense their advertisements are getting across were properly.

The programmers, they are being paid properly.

If anybody is to be hurt, if the count does not come out right to my advertisers could suffer by saying we are paying for things we are not counting correctly.

Nobody has ever -- is ever sure about the count from nielsen or any measurement company.

Everybody takes it with a grain of salt.

It is the only measure out there.

Bloomberg news reporter edmund lee.

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