NFL Sunday Ticket: DirecTV vs. Google

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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman reports on DirecTV to renew NFL Sunday ticket. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "BWest." (Source: Bloomberg)

Near an agreement to renew its exclusive and i felt ticket feel with the league.

According to people familiar with the negotiation, the current for your contract is worth for -- $4 billion, and we are back with more.

The nfl is one of the most powerful barons in sports -- brands in sports, which sells for aays a lot for a league that doesn't have any teams outside the united states.

It cost them about a billion dollars a year, but here is some of the numbers for them.

Directv, about 2 million of their 20 million subscribers also subversive crime to sunday ticket -- subscribe to sunday ticket.

People are looking for sports content on their phone, or tablet, they have football on your phone rate there was a commercial with demanding brothers rapping about football on your phone on behalf of direct ed.

There are couple hundred thousand people who will pay additional so that they can get sunday ticket on their phone, and watch live run their favorite teams.

Directv knows that if they let this go away, despite the potential price tag, it is the question if they will lose subscribers.

There has not been that -- there has been some rumors that google might be after that ticket.

The youtube interest is that youtube wants people to stay on its platform for longer stretches of time.

Youtube already has a lot of live events, live music event, they just had a life music event in new york city.

The sport to be the larger goal extension of that.

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