Next 1H Total Brand Sales Up 10.7%

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July 29 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports earnings for Next, the U.K.’s second-biggest clothing retailer, which reported first-half sales that beat analysts’ estimates. She speaks to Mark Barton and Ryan Chilcote on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It has beaten estimates.

The stock has grown 4% higher this morning.

It goes to the strength online area.

It is the next directory.

This was set up in 1988. next knows how to get your deliveries in the next day.

It is really pushing forward in terms of online.

We saw online growth way ahead of estimates.

Growing 60% in the first half of.

Retail sales were up 7.5% beating estimates.

Next recently stole a few of marks & spencer claims.

It is the second biggest retailer in the amount that is sales into the u.k. in terms of clothing.

It's a market value is more than marks & spencer.

A 10 billion pound company.

Marks & spencer is seven .5 billion pound company.

-- 7.5 billion pound company.

You walked in?

May be in the 80's. you do not buy clothes in the general.

It is quite a new.

I broke -- i was walking and i saw it.

It is popular within in the city.

There were many branches.

There are more than 500 branches around the u.k.. a strong home where a very strong children's. it flies off the shelf.

In fact, it erased its market.

They said it will be up to 17% a stronger than they had expected.

That is more than seven or 90 million expected.

-- 790 million expected.

Overall, their sales are going to grow more than expected, closed 10%. it is a company that perhaps you boys do not go into a regular basis of but the u.k. does.

Mine is a gucci.

And by the way -- i was not here on july 8. i did read in the newspapers, compared the thule.

Online sales at him and asked -- m&s wasn't down.

They are being beaten on every metric.

They have redone the website trying to drive people to it.

Profit up by 0.3%.

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